Treasurer’s Report

There was a net profit for November of $8,237 as shown on the bottom line of the Profit & Loss Statement.  Sales of literature increased because our distribution channels were fully stocked, except for the hard cover Meditation Book, which is projected to be available again at the end of December.  A list of the 7th Tradition contributions, totalling  $5,191, are shown in a separate tab in the Repository.  Additional expenses for the month included the Board’s Strategic Planning Session.  An extensive plan was created that will be presented to the fellowship. 

The Balance Sheet shows an increase based on the net profit. 

Finance Committee

Committee members Jeffrey F., Melani M., and I welcomed two new members since the last Board teleconference meeting – Charlie H., our newest Board member, and David McB., a long-time member of the fellowship from Florida. 

We worked extensively on analyzing costs of the chips and medallions and have presented a motion to the Board to increase prices.  We determined that in the normal course of business of selling these products, the profit that has been realized is not large and in most cases barely been enough to support the overhead.  With the movement to outside fulfillment, there are losses almost across the board on these products.  We are also going to make a motion to suggest alternative ways of distributing these items to bring down the costs and offer discounts for purchases of multiple items. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair