For the month of August, there is no change to the Balance Sheet other than the additional income that’s reflected on the last line of the Profit and Loss Statement of $11,133.09.  There were no significant changes in the financial picture shown on the P&L Statement other than there were three pay periods in August, which is reflected in the higher than normal amount of wages paid. 

We have discovered that we report our wages for Worker’s Compensation purposes in a way that has increased those costs.  Adjustments are being made to decrease the amount paid, which will require more accurate recording of the time Staff members spend either doing office work or warehouse work. 

I traveled to Signal Hill in August with our Secretary, Karen R.  This is something Board members do on at least a yearly basis to do a process audit. 

The Treasury Committee met twice in August.  Click here for a copy of the minutes from those meetings.   

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.