Due to the needs of the Auditors and having to get the Tax Return done, the monthly financials for February were not available earlier.  

See Balance Sheet

See Profit and Loss Statement 

Applied for Corporate Credit Card as previously approved.


Members: Jeffrey F., David McB., Charlie H., Bill D., and Mary Jo L – Chair

Topics Discussed/Completed:

  • Selling on Amazon US:  Discussed quantities to ship and recommended prices to the Board.
  • Amazon UK:  Close to resolution to be able to sell the books that are already in their warehouse.
  • Per diem policy rough draft created
  • Suggested to the Board that a Contribution Button be added to the free literature download page.  This now includes all tri-folds in English at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Helped the Board refine a job description for the General Manager position.
  • WSO and the Finance Committee need a Cost Accountant and we are asking if there’s a volunteer from the fellowship who may be willing to help us
  • Finished the draft of the 2017 Budget and submitted to the Board for comment.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Jo L., ACA WSO Treasurer