The following policy on Region formation was adopted by the WSO BOard of Trustees and a substantial majority of the delegates at the 2017 ABC.

1) ACA World Service Organization reaffirms its historical commitment to the formation of regional service entities as important channels for improving service to the fellowship, and for increasing connections between groups, Intergroups, and the WSO.

2) The WSO board authorizes an expedited review by the Service Structure Committee of all policies governing regional formation and representation, with a goal of proposing clearly written mechanisms for regional structures that are stable yet flexible, and predictable yet equitable.

3) The WSO board recognizes that an existing map defining ACA Regions must be updated, since it was drawn more than 25 years ago, before the WSO had its own literature in English or foreign translated versions. It therefore authorizes the Service Structure Ad Hoc Committee to propose a new Region map that reflects ACA’s changing global membership patterns.

4) In the interim, until a new map is adopted, Regions seeking registration and a seat on the WSO Board should follow the existing WSO regional map (attached to this motion). To ensure a proposed region has a meaningful linkage to the fellowship, a new region may be asked to demonstrate significant participation by intergroups and groups in its designated area. Also, in keeping with BRB pages 604-605, new regions should present written service plans designed to benefit members in their geographical area.

5) Regional Service Committees, which are not eligible for a seat on the Board, may register and form according to their own group conscience and needs, and do not need to conform to the Region map.

6) WSO commits to adopting clear, consistent written criteria for board eligibility, so that all service bodies and all members of the world fellowship can prepare themselves to seek WSO volunteer and board service opportunities. These criteria, which include WSO service needs and best practices, will be incorporated into the OPPM, to guide service bodies and WSO in nominating and selecting trustees.

7) Until a broad service structure revision devises new policies governing regional service entities, a Region that has registered with WSO, and been ratified by the board, may nominate a candidate for the board of trustees to vet and consider in a timely manner, using OPPM board eligibility criteria.

8) These steps are interim in nature. Potentially significant adjustments, including borders for Regions, may be required when WSO adopts long-term changes to ACA’s service structure. Such changes could include provisions for professional management and staff to take over much of the day-to-day operations currently managed by the Board.

More information on Regions can be found in the ACA Big Red Book, pages 604-605. Regions primarily consist of meetings and Intergroups in geographic areas of the world.