Activity for June

  • The Database and Website Committee meets quarterly. The next meeting will be held the third Saturday on August 19th, 2017 at 2pm.
  • Corrected an issue with shipping addresses that were getting truncated for some orders
  • Updated the text on the regions page on the website, There is a project under way to allow regions to register with the WSO and to display a listing of the Registered regions.
  • The sample ACA meeting format pages on the website are being updated to fix some typos and wording changes.
  • Updates were made to the free Literature downloads page,
  • The minimum Order total to place an Intergroup Discount order was lowered to 100$.
  • Plans are in progress to make the website menus easier to access information
  • A new design to the Fellowship alerts page is being designed to better present the information
  • We have plans to use dropbox across the WSO Board and committees to ensure we have secure storage and can share information efficiently.

The following shows monthly trends for users accessing the website. Figures for April:

  • 49,241 User Sessions in June down from 52,744 in May
  • 34,534 Unique users down from 36,748
  • 97,437 page views, down from 105,181
  • The bounce rate (users leaving the site immediately) was 64.83%, up from 64.37%

The pages accessed the most often were

  • Laundry List – 19,241 views, 19.75% of the total page views
  • Find a meeting – 7,285 views (7.48%)
  • Find a meeting Search results 4,758 views (4.88%)
  • Literature – 4,264 (4.38%)
  •  The Problem – 3,441 views (3.53%)

Users continue to come from across the globe with the top 5 session counts from:

  • United States – 83% of users
  • Canada – 3.91%
  • United Kingdom – 3.61%
  • Australia – 1.63%
  • India– 0.7%