Intergroup Discount Program

World Service extends a 30% discount in the Shopping Cart to Registered Intergroups that submit an application to register for the program. The hope is that this program helps Intergroups attract meetings to their service structure but also make literature more economically available.

This discount can help Intergroups generate a small revenue stream to fund local outreach efforts and help defray other expenses. But it is entirely up to the Intergroup to decide how they will administer this program to their member groups. We find that it works best, though, when the meetings realize some savings over purchasing the books themselves – even if it’s just that the discount allows the Intergroup to absorb the shipping costs.

The minimum order is $100 and books must be purchased in full case quantities. Regularly priced items in smaller quantities may also be purchased within the same order. The total of those add-on non-discounted items just needs to exceed the regular shopping cart minimum of $10.

To register your group, determine your Intergroup’s Designated Trusted Servant and fill out this form.  To see a sample form that may answer some of your questions, click here.

Either mail the completed and signed form to ACA WSO, P. O. Box 811, Lakewood, CA 90714-9998 – – or scan and email it to

After the registration form is received by WSO, your Designated Trusted Servant will receive an email from with a Subject line that reads “Customer account activation”. The button within this email can be clicked to activate the Intergroup’s account.

After the Intergroup’s discount account is set up, it may only be accessed using the Trusted Servant’s email address that the Intergroup authorized, unless it is subsequently officially changed. Without an official change, no other email address will be recognized for the IG Discount.

The intergroup discount minimum quantities per item are as follows:

  1. Full Boxes of Books – The number of books per box varies by title:
    • Red Fellowship Texts – hard cover – 20
    • Red Fellowship Texts – soft cover – 14
    • Commemorative Red Fellowship Texts – 20
    • 12 Step Workbooks – 22
    • Meditation Books – hard cover – 18
    • Soft Cover Meditations Books – 20
    • Laundry Lists Workbooks – 152.
  2. Chips or Medallions – Each type of Recovery chip and Medallion is sold in either multiples of 25s. If you wish to order less than this quantity of a certain chip or medallion you can order from the regularly priced products.
  3. Tri-folds – sold in multiples of 10 per title
  4. Booklets – sold in multiples of 25 per title
  5. Tri-fold Assortments – sold in multiples of 10
  6. Meeting Starter Kits – sold in multiples of 2
  7. New Meeting Packets – sold in multiples of 3

Click here for a copy of the Intergroup Discount Worksheet that can help you calculate your orders before placing them online. (Note – this form does not calculate shipping costs.)  Some groups modify this form for their meetings to reflect the pricing they are offering to them.  You can also download a the Excel version of this document by clicking here.

A single order can only be shipped to a single destination. Intergroups are responsible for local distribution.

If your Intergroup has further questions, please send an email to

In service,

WSO Board of Trustees