March 2018

The Executive Committee authorized the following:

  1. Purchase of 1,000 each of 1- Month, 3- Month, and 9-Month Chips as well as 400 6-Year Medallions for a total of $1,228. 
  2. Purchase of 10 Go-Daddy emails for an annual cost of under $500.00.
  1. Purchase of a computer, two extra monitors and a docking station for the warehouse. Total cost is  $850.00 
  2. Purchase of 500 5-Year Bronze Medallions from Wendell’s for $335.00.

April 2018

Nothing to report

May 2018

The Executive Committee approved of the following bids and purchases: 

     1. A new time-clock for the Signal Hill office for $488 plus any applicable taxes from Amazon Prime.

Background: Signal Hill has an old time-clock that is no longer supported by the manufacturer and does not have the functionality WSO needs for remote access and download into the payroll system. The proposed model is the Icon Time Systems TP-BIO TotalPass Small Business Premium| Biometric Time Clock.

      2. A proposal from Assured Electrical Systems for relocation of lights for the Signal Hill warehouse for $825.

Background: The overhead fluorescent lighting in the warehouse interferes with putting pallets on the top shelves of the pallet racks. Two bids were solicited from licensed electricians to reconfigure the lights and the DCOC recommends the attached lower bid.

June 2018

1. A new desktop computer for the warehouse shipping work at Signal Hill for about $800.

Background: The existing unit has a Windows 7 operating system and is made by HP. Windows 7 is no longer supported with security patches by Microsoft and presents a liability to our network security 

July 2018

  1. Benefits tracking module for our time-clock for about $175.
    Background: We have a new time clock. This function is an add-on option. The current clock does basic holiday pay. The add-on will allow us to enter sick leave pay, vacation pay or other paid time off. 
  2. Chips and medallions (3,350) from Wendell’s totaling $924.50. 
  3. 2000 Swedish Newcomer Booklets for a cost of 400 € (Euros).
    Background: These booklets are prepaid by the Swedish fellowship and are being printed in Europe. 

August 2018

    1.    Contracting with Rev Transcript Services to transcribe the tapes of the 2018 ABC in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at a cost of $668.00.

September 2018

10,000 Newcomer Booklets from ABC Press for $3,491.00.
10,000 hardcover BRB at a cost of $46,253 plus shipping.
  7,200 tri-folds encompassing 7 titles at a cost of $598.00
Welcome coins and medallions totaling = $2,147.50 

October 2018

     1.   5,000 SC BRB for $10,043 10,000 hardcover BRB at a cost of $46,253 plus   shipping from Bang Printing.

      2.  10,000 Yellow Workbooks $23,267 plus shipping from Bang Printing. 

November 2018: Nothing to report.

December 2018: Nothing to report.

January 2019

      1.   5000 LLWB for approximately $16,000.00 plus shipping

      2.   5000 hard cover meditation books for approximately $12,000.00 plus shipping

February 2019

      1.   A new computer external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for the General Manager’s laptop. The DCOC previously approved the purchase. The cost will be less than $200.00 

       2.  An order for 5,000 “25 Questions” pamphlets from ABC Press at a cost of $331.00 

       3.  A docking station and monitor for General Manager’s computer to cost around $300.00 

March 2019

       1.  10,000 Newcomer Booklets from ABC Press for approximately $3,491.00. 

        2.  5000 Finding Emotional Sobriety Tri-folds from ABC Press for approximately      $324.00.

The Executive Committee approved payment of $380.00 to Jim Mueller for administering the Hartman Value Profile to two new trustees and for short consultations about the results with both the trustees and the board.

Respectfully submitted by

Out going Vice Chair WSO

Majbrit M, Denmark