Please attend one of the delegate training sessions this weekend via zoom if you need to learn about being a delegate and or remote delegate.

You can still sign up as a remote delegate at

Lots of information is on the delegates training page. We will be looking at this delegate training guide.

The Delegate Training Subcommittee and the Website and Data Base Committee will present delegate training-both for those who will be in Malmo and those who will be voting remotely.
The primary training will cover how to prepare for the role of the delegate, which is strongly suggested for all first-time delegates.
Remote-voting instructions will also be given for those attending online.
Please choose one of the following 4 training dates (you are welcome to attend more than one session):
– Saturday or Sunday April 6th or 7th at 12:30 pm EDT
– Saturday or Sunday, April 13 or April 14th at 10:30 am EDT.
The training will run approximately an hour and 20 minutes with the last 25 minutes devoted to Remote Voting.
We will be using ZOOM online program for these calls.
Join the Zoom Meeting via your smartphone or computer. Please install the App.