References to the OPPM which are in the Delegate Information section of the Delegate Binder have been updated. There were several additions to this section, which are: The Twelve Traditions and their meditations, The Twelve Concepts (for ease of reference), a new Delegate Survey, a form for reporting back to groups as well as a new template for recording motions, a mock proposal for training and a Prayer, Meditation, Slogan and Affirmation page.

Teleconference trainings are currently underway. Two were completed April 6th and 7th. Two final teleconferences are scheduled for the 13th and 14th of April. Much focus is on the Twelve Concepts, The Commitment to Service and Parliamentary Procedures.  Trainings run approximately 45 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for Remote Voting Trainings. Several attendees were welcomed to Slack as a result of the trainings.

Chris W. was voted and approved by the Board as the Vice Chair to become Chair in May.

It has been a very busy month getting prepared for the ABC!

Yours in service,

Erin D.

DTSC Chair