July 2019 Meeting

Over Zoom:

7/27/19 12pm-1:30pm ET

(Minutes Taken by: Josh W)




  • Tamara (IGSC Chair; MN IG)
  • Josh W (IGSC Secretary; NCA IG; DC)
  • Bonnie K-M (IGSC Chair Emeritus, TX)



2nd Tradition Meditation

ACA Serenity Prayer


Approve/review/amend previous month’s minutes:  

  • June minutes: made some fixes and APPROVED.
  • May minutes: made some fixes and APPROVED.



IGSC / Web Cmte:  Needs/Asks/Comms

  • Tamara to reach out to Jim to determine if needs anything from us
  • Review content on new webpage: For Intergroups
    • Working group /subset to focus on this ask, bring back recs to IGSC
      • Volunteers: Bonnie, Tamara
      • Subgroup will meet and report back in August.


Say Hi Letter responses

  • All responses sent
  • What next? Plan to follow up with IGs we didn’t hear back from.
    • ID which IGs we need to follow up with
      • Who do we not even have contact info ? (Confirm whether possible)
      • Who didn’t open / bounced?
      • Who opened but didn’t respond?
      • Review responses to see if special cases.
      • Tamara will start the effort and reach out to channel for help. Target completion date: August IGSC meeting
  • Then: actually do the follow-up with those IG ID’d
    • Revisit details next month


Needs Assessment

  • STATUS: Gathering comments here
  • Target completion: send out survey in Q3.



New Business:

  • Best Practices:
    • Include this idea with list of responses from Say Hi letter
    • Come up with plan to develop / invite submission of Intergroup-level Best Practices


Close with the ACA Serenity Prayer 


Old Business “Parking Lot”

  • IGSC Mailbox Management
  • Starting an Intergroup: see Lone Pamphlet
  • Mission/Vision
    • Update Mission Statement: HOLD/TABLE until get more feedback from fellowship (say Hi Letter/Needs Assessment)
    • Create Vision Statement
  • Survey
    • Assess IGs’ sense of WSO Performance/Responsiveness/Helpfulness