May 2019 Meeting

5/25/19 12pm-1:30pm ET

(Minutes Taken by: Josh W)

Over Zoom (Audio Recording here)



  • Tamara (IGSC Chair; MN IG)
  • Matt K (IGSC Web/DB Liaison; West Great Lakes IG; WI)
  • Carole C (WSO Board Member ; Member Svcs Chair; Greater Western Region; CA)
  • Bonnie K-M (IGSC Chair Emeritus (has recently stepped down); TX)
  • Josh W (IGSC Secretary; NCA IG; DC)
  • Erin D (WSO Board Member; PA)
  • Barbara B


Opening:  2nd Tradition Meditation

Higher Power. I understand that you make your voice heard in a group conscience. I ask you to remind me that the life of my program and, therefore, my own recovery depends upon my willingness to put the group’s welfare above my own will. Where I disagree with the common view of my fellows in service, allow me to state my case honestly and respectfully. Allow me to listen to and consider the views of others. May I state my view and support all group decisions, including the ones I might disagree with. Your will, not mine, be done.

Service Rotation:

  • MSC Chair asked the subcommittee’s opinion as demonstrated by a vote.
    • Key comment: Board states that OPPM is not clear on the subject, but it is up to the committee chairs to appoint chairs or vice chairs of subcommittees. Carole’s opinion is that voting for consensus is optional and at the group’s discretion.
  • Tamara for chair: APPROVED (6-0-1)
  • Continuing:
    • Josh as Secretary
    • Matt as Website/DB contact.

Group Communication Process Discussion (4:00)

  • If we have questions for the Board, come to consensus in the subcommittee, then Member Services Chair (Carole) can take to the Board. Or for Web/DB questions: our Web/DB liaison (Matt) can take to Web/DB Chair (Jim B)
  • Right to Petition (OPPM, Appendix I)

Consensus Process (6:16)

  • Robert’s Rules:
    • Let’s find a shortened/modified version to share with group
    • With modification
      • Allow/Encourage: Discussion before
      • Go around room in order to get input from and give opportunity to all members
  • Suggestion: Develop a IGSC Policy and Procedure document for our reference
    • Concept of Substantial Unanimity. Vote-Passing Threshold?  TABLED, revisit next mtg


Say Hi Letter

  • (16:45) It’s been SENT !! J
    • Discussion around group conscience process and honoring consensus process discussion above.
  • (24:40) ~20 responses so far. How to respond/manage?
    • Response tracker spreadsheet
      • Get into cloud storage so can group share/view /edit (Google Docs, or the like)
        • Do we want to run by Jim B? YES (Matt will reach out to Jim)
        • Privacy of email addresses, etc – can restrict cloud access
  • Tamara to create draft of a boilerplate “message received” response (will post later today). Idea is to still then follow up with response tailored to message/matter as needed/appropriate.


Needs Assessment

  • How long to give ppl to respond to “Say Hi” letter before ready to send Needs Assessment survey?
    • Minimum 2 months. 3 Months?   Revisit next mtg
  • Writing the Needs Assessment survey itself
    • Josh to repost rough draft to Slack — let’s review for our next IGSC mtg


Process for approving minutes:  Include minutes of prior meeting with the agenda for current meeting — sent out in advance of meeting!  First 5 minutes of mtg is review/vote/approve/amend the minutes of prior mtg (still review in advance!)   APPROVED (6-0-1)


Barbara has to leave the call


3/23/19 Minutes Review/Approval:  APPROVED  (5-0-1)

Announcements/Posting Info Policy/Practice

  • Monthly IGSC Meeting announcement:
    • Every month, post announcement of upcoming IGSC mtg with Zoom info to public Slack Intergroups channel (forum) UNANIMOUS
    • Update Website with upcoming meeting info (update static page, not post new page every time) UNANIMOUS
  • Monthly Report
    • Josh to create report, Group to approve, Josh then post to IGSC ACA WSO page
    • Approve this monthly report in IGSC mtg prior to posting?
      • Josh will post to Slack — and if no objections prior to next Board mtg, will post to IGSC ACA WSO page

Agenda Template:  Have Old Business section in future agendas.  APPROVED

Next Meeting: regularly scheduled 4th Saturday of the month (so 6/22) at 12-1:30pm ET.

Close: ACA Serenity Prayer


SUMMARY — Deliverables prior to/for next meeting:

  • “Say Hi” Letter
    • Continue responding to responses
    • Response tracker spreadsheet
      • Tamara to create draft of a boilerplate “message received” response (will post shortly).
      • Matt will reach out to Jim to discuss reasonableness of Google Docs as tool to host in cloud (for group visibility, editability, etc – while accounting for privacy concerns)
  • Announcement of next mtg — Post to both Slack public IG channel and IGSC ACA WSO page (in single place there) (???)
  • Minutes: Josh to post today’s minutes to Slack and IGSC ACA WSO page once approved
  • Monthly Report:
    • Bonnie to research/identify format (also see old reports)
    • Josh to draft report, submit to Slack, and if no objections prior to next monthly Board telecon, consider it approved and post to IGSC ACA WSO page
  • Needs Assessment:
    • Josh to repost rough draft to Slack
    • All IGSC Members to review DRAFT and come prepared to discuss for next month’s IGSC mtg
      • Note: in Old Business Parking Lot (see directly below), we have an item Survey (shoot for Q2): Assess IGs’ sense of WSO Performance /Responsiveness /Helpfulness – do we want to roll this into Needs Assessment?


DID NOT GET TO (Old Business “Parking Lot”)

  • Web/DB Asks (Matt K <-> Jim B)
    • Self-Service Reporting for List of IG info. Ask is for IGSC to be able to generate Report directly (self-serve, a la button on website) – Rejected by Webmaster for privacy of contacts; alternate method is available from Web/DB
    • Intergroup committee chair to receive an email when Intergroup updates info; new Intergroup is registered.
    • Website users can see unaffiliated meetings in “my” area.
    • Which Intergroups are in “my” area, which one could my group join? Find an Intergroup map like Find Meeting map.
    • Master Calendar of (Intergroup?) Events (and WSO Committee Meetings?) on the website. (Complete)
    • A list of all Intergroups’ updated information, sent to Intergroups committee every quarter or every six months or other time frame.
  • Mission/Vision
    • Update Mission Statement: HOLD/TABLE until get more feedback from fellowship (say Hi Letter/Needs Assessment)
    • Create Vision Statement
  • Survey (shoot for Q2): Assess IGs’ sense of WSO Performance/Responsiveness/Helpfulness
  • Review content on new webpage: For Intergroups