WSO – Intergroup Subcommittee Meeting

Oct 27, 2018

(Minutes taken by Kristian N)

I. Opening

II. Roll call

III. Clarification – the agenda was put together by Kristian, edited by Josh, and reposted by Sarah. Team effort.

IV. Old business – data requirements gathering.

  • A.   One-time list of all Intergroups. Jim will have that ready tomorrow, downloaded from the live database as a .cvs file.
  • B.   Live updates when a new Intergroup gets listed. Bonnie would like to send them a welcome note. Develop an automated letter.
  • C.   Josh would like a live feed to the database.
  • D.   Back story – the database was abused in the past, using contact info to send out info on non-ACA-approved events etc.
  • E.   Kristian will be the contact person to Jim. Kristian and Josh will work on collecting interest from the group about what info they want.
  • F.   Get an email when submitting a meeting update request. The sending knows the update info has been received. (System-generated “ticket” is generated.)
  • G.  See unaffiliated meetings in my area.
  • H.  Which Intergroups are in my area, which one should I join?
  • I.    Master Calendar on the website.
  • J.   Intergroups – list last update.


V.   New business

  • A.  Intentional Design Model. Reach out to meetings, ask them what they want IG to be – the model that GNYAI is going through. Visioning. Josh – underscores the benefits of bottom-up. Bonnie says that the Service Structure Committee – they like the network model. Like a fishnet. Sarah makes a motion to adopt the IDM. It passes unanimously.
  • B.  Guideline for scheduling meetings. Doodle polls. Bonnie is the critical person and should author the Doodle poll.
  • C.  Josh motions to meet monthly. Passes. Next meeting date. Doodle poll going out.


VI.  Sarah – volunteers to write up the agenda for next meeting.


VII. Teamwork and boundaries discussion.

  • A.    If you have a role, do it. If it is not your role, don’t to it. Respect people’s boundaries.
  • B.    Remember which hat you are wearing and behave appropriately. Respect the autonomy of each entity.


VIII.  Bonnie to send update to WSO. Josh asks to include the Intentional Design Model in the report.