Monthly European Committee Report Nov, 2019


European Committee continues its strive to implement our systems in handing over the jobs of service to the next group of trusted servants.

The EC chair was invited to the Norwegian Annual event but had to decline because I was in the US for our SPM in Long Beach.

In fact I decided to stop the EC travel until we have discussed who gets to travel and how, now the process have changed and more people are serving.

The different European IG literature committees are working towards getting our literature translated we expect new publications in Europe in the third quarter.

We have been in contact with Poland, Spain, Norway, Latvia, Belarus, Hungary.

To translation teams please have a look at the translation page at:

In December we will try to fill the vacant  service positions with in the EC which are: MPS Chair, Lit Chair. The Interim officers of the EC will no longer be the Interim as of January 4. where we will hold an election for a two year term of trusted servants to be ratified in April.

We will soon be sending out an invitation to co-host the EC Annual Event in medio September 2020, and finally will be working on our yearly report for the ABC2020

Our next monthly European Committee TC is

Jan. 4 2020 at 14:00 CET on Zoom:


Respectfully submitted

Majbrit M