European Report for August and September 2014

The past two month I’ve been in contact with Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hungary and UK. Norway


The Swedes have met their requirements for the translations agreement, and are now able to share the Tri-folds and do H&I. 

The Norwegian fellowship have bought a parti go Danish BRB because Danish is easier for them to translate and read as it is in waiting for their own translation.

In Poland they had an amazing meeting during a AA convent where the past out more than 300 Tri-folds and sold a few BRB (in English). 

Miss. Gunta from Latvia and I wrote back and forth planning the convention in Riga, her main concern was the lack of fonds to get literature to present at the convention. 

See Minutes from Riga.

The Hungarians had questions like, “When do I have re-laps in ACA”. “Can we give a special stone instead of a coin in ACA”. “Can we make T-shirts with ACA logo, Key rings, cups etc”.

The Estonians had some trouble finding the person that had made their translation contract, they have not been able to find person. And we talked about them applying for a new contract so that they can continue with the work of translating the BRB. I’m in contact with them making sure everything is going well, I met them in Riga.

I had a long precious talk with the Finns in Riga, many of them I reconnected with from our ABC in Copenhagen. The fellowship is growing largely to a group of members working the program as suggested in the BRB. I promised to be in close contact with them in the time to come.

The Danes have had a large operation of their trusted servants drop out. But it is taking care of. The danish inter group have elected a new chair for the literature committee and there are a lot of unfinished tasks to do. One of the main concerns in the Inter group is to build a better structure making sure that members don’t leave their post without warning. 

Thanks for letting me be of service

Majbrit M, Denmark

Chair of the European Committee