Minutes for November 27th, 2019

European Committee Working Session (EC TC)

Time: 20:15 CET




A. Chair invites our higher power and opens the meeting 

B. Members of the Interim European Committee 

Present: Majbrit Chair, Fredrik Vice Chair, Mikkel Second vice chair, Jeanette secretary, Markus Vice web, Päivi Service Sponsor Coordinator
Marjo Webmaster, Veronica Treasurer

C. Approval of minutes from our last meeting (see previous from both October and november)
The minutes from november was approved and the Minutes from October were approved, except for a request from Marcus to clarify, what the paragraph in Section E. about sending in committee reports mean and imply.

D. Tabled business
1. ZoHo vs google? See Marcus text with the technical comparison.
We had a vote and the majority chose Google. We had a short discussion and the majority stands.
Minority opinion: Mikkel stated that he finds the use of Google for documents and mail-correspondence in service work is against our 12th Tradition of anonymity as a founding principle, since Google is a company that:

a. shares a lot of its data with other companies, and

b. Google shares all data with American and other intelligence services.

ACA WSO should in my opinion strive to use secure, encrypted applications in its work in the future.
Decision: We will continue to use GSUITE and dont change to ZoHo at this point. 

2. The header and contacts for our web. Read drafts from Mikkel and Markus on slack before the meeting.
A. The Chair moved to approve the last edition of draft for the header.
Second: Jeanette
Decision: The drafts was approved.
B.  The Chair moved to put the document on slack and then vote through doodle and then move forward with posting it on the web.

E. New business
Anyone can write to the secretary at least 3 days in advance of the following EC 

Teleconference to have an item added to the agenda. The(se) item(s) will appear here:

  1. Doing service in EC
    Fredrik suggested to have an extra meeting for a discussion about how we can work together in the committee. Wednesday the 4th at 20:15 we will have a separate meeting do lift things that can strengthen our servicework.
  2. Nominations to the EC – Marc
    The topic was not discussed. Tabled
  3. Does EC wants to be a part of a global workshop at the AWC 2020?
    Or do we want our own workshop? A suggestion is to be apart of globals workshop and share the time with them. We need to discuss this more and maybe it is too soon for us to have our own workshop. Majbrit, Fredrik and Mikkel continues the discussion on slack. 

K. Next meeting
December 11th at 20:15

L. Chair moved to close the meeting

Second: Markus

Close with ACA Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant Me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change

The courage to change the one I can

And the wisdom to know that one is me