European Committee report for November 2016

This month I’ve been in contact with Sweden, Switzerland, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Greece, and Russia.

We are also setting up a face to face meeting in January with representatives of the German ACA IG/translation committee and members of a similar fellowship called EKS.


I’ve recently been to the National ACA meeting in Italy which was held in Castel San Pietro Treme (which means the Castle of San Peters Roman Baths)  30 minutes south of Bologna, Italy. 

I was invited as a guest speaker and WSO representative and there were about 45 members present at the business meeting that lasted for 3 hours. I spoke about the WSO organization and the European Committee and the structure and web site we are developing. The Italians have translated a big part of the BRB, the YWB and some of the meditation book. I was able to help them set up their IG and guide them on best practices in terms of meetings, their IG and having elections for service. In their case they had to set up the IG as a legal entity.

And one big request came up: they need sponsors. As usual not many speak English, so my call to the fellowship in the US and around the world is, if there is anyone out there that has completed their 12 step work and speaks Italian and wants to sponsor someone from Italy 

please contact me at


We also have someone interested in becoming our new European Committee Secretary. Her name is Clarissa and she lives in the UK. We sent her a written offer the other day and are looking forward to her acceptance soon.

We also recently welcomed new country representatives from England and Wales (Beryl), Romania (Mihai) and Germany (Alexia). They have all been invited to join Slack and be officially welcomed into our service family.  This will bring the European Committee’s Country Representatives up to a total of 15, if my memory serves me right. We also recently sent invitations to Poland and Belarus to become Country Representatives. 

Last but not least we helped identify two proof-readers for the Castilian Spanish BRB: one in Florida and one in Switzerland.