Monthly EC Teleconference

March 3rd 2018

14:00 p.m. CET


Please notify the secretary at with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.


A.  Call to Order:  Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear.  When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.

1)  Open with the Serenity Prayer


2)  Tradition Three:  The only requirement for membership in ACA is the desire to recover from the effects of 


B.  Roll Call of European Countries:  

Chair of TC – Jeffrey

European Committee Present:

Majbrit – Chair 

Charlie from Washington DC, USA, Board member and Chair of Literature Committee WSO

Jim – Brooklyn, USA – Chair of ABC Committee WSO

Country Representatives & Guests:

Richard – Spain/Panama member of ACA

Kadrii-Liisa – Estonia – Translation & Treasurer

Mike – Ireland CR

Frederik – Sweden Chair of IG/CR

Mark – Netherlands, Chair IG Translation

Iveta – Latvia CR

Erhard – Germany

Alexia – German, Chair of Literature & Translation & Service Board

Hanne – Finland Chair of IG

Mikkel – Denmark – Exec Board & CR 

Reminder Non-committee members are welcome to listen to this teleconference but are requested to remain silent unless asked to participate. We respectfully request that guests hold their questions and comments until later in the call when we open it up for discussion. If someone needs to talk further, arrangements can be made after the end of the call.


When the call is opened for discussion, this will be your chance to have direct contact with the WSO and ask questions about anything related to our fellowship such as service structures, translations, literature, etc.

Majbrit – EC Chair & Vice chair of WSO, Chair of literature subcommittee translations updates

  • Working with EC Secretary Tanya to expand the database for EC and encourage people to visit EC website at where your country pages can be updated and link to your local websites
  • Connected with Richard, ex Panama who has connected with the Spanish fellowship
  • Update re fund for travel expenses to ABC – previously the IG hosting the event eg Florida and San Diego decided to reimburse some attendees for some of their travel expenses.  A scholarship from WSO to help pay for travel to ABC has not yet been established.  This will  be raised at Board level in future.
  • Completing 2017 European Committee Report for WSO ABC in Toronto.  

Jeffrey – Chair of European Finance & Literature sub-committees, International Literature Sub-committee & WSO Board Trustee


  • Request for help with an overview of total 7th tradition contributions originating from Europe as WSO don’t currently have a system for tracking which country contributed and how much – needs someone to be very detailed and to spend a few hours of service.  
  • EC is looking at a host country for 5th European Meeting – 2 potential hosts – UK & Belarus.  Any others – get in contact ASAP – ie by next Monday/Tuesday (5th/6th March) as EC are now in final stages to work out options to benefit the local fellowship as well as the European committee.  What could this do for the European fellowship as a whole.  Per email advice sent out.
  • 2019 ABC – 25-26th April will be held in Sweden – congratulations
  • Report for ABC in Toronto – lots to update
  • Literature update:
    • Finnish Yellow Workbook – 13 March delivery to Helsinki
    • Request from Russian fellowship for Yellow Workbook procedure is unclear for Annual Conference in September
    • Russians are already to reprint BRB too

Charlie – US member of EC & WSO Literature Chair

Big area of activity in Literature Committee is working with translations and Majbrit & he are trying to create a comprehensive guideline to help translation groups make progress. 

WSO recognize the need for more consistent support in translation and distribution at WSO end.  If anyone is interested or has questions – send email to with your needs.

Jim from WSO

Just here to answer questions re ABC in Toronto in April and horizon for Sweden in 2019.  Will continue to join this EC TC in future.

Call opened to other Country Representatives and reminder to mute your phones

Frederick/Swedenvery proud to be hosting ABC 2019.  There are already over 50 to do service on the host committee.  Thanks Jim and Majbrit for support.  We will have lots of questions.  Looking forward to it.  There will be several representatives from Sweden who will go to the European Meeting in 2018.  Grateful to Danish fellowship for all the offers of service support.

Majbrit recently attended the Danish SGC and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the 24 Danes who want to support Sweden in any way – encourages Sweden reaching out.

Jeffrey/EC – there should be a part of the European Meeting dedicated to an introductory working discussion/group conscience of what we’d like to accomplish at the ABC in 2019.  Dates TBC – probably September.  

Mikkel/Denmark – for ABC in Sweden, the Danes who helped the ABC in 2013 would like to provide service and incorporate Copenhagen/Denmark as it’s so close to Sweden with accommodation offers etc.

Richard, Spain – wish to enhance presence of ACA in Spain and Portugal.  Would like to find ways to contact English speakers in the Spanish groups.  

Majbrit sent an email with contacts for Spanish contacts – Sylvia and Lune.  Currently there are no registered Portuguese meetings with WSO but EC can provide Starter kits.  Richard has found people interested to start ACA meetings.

Iveta/Latvia – conference on 17th March in Latvia about Sponsorship – please come and come and share ESH with us.  

Michael/Ireland – March 17th is their 

Been CR for last 2 years and been looking for a replacement so far.  Has difficulty attending the EC TCs.  Will send a report about latest situation in Ireland. 

Kadrii-Liisa/Estonia – Will be coming to the Latvian event.  

Motion to close meeting 

Closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.

NEXT MEETING:  Sat 7th April 14.00 CET

Meeting minutes prepared by Tanya M – March 15th 2018

GENERAL REMINDER from Secretary:

Events – As you organize your events, please let us know so that we can post this to the News section of the EC website.   This way ACAs traveling  to other countries know what events are on, when and where and can do service by visiting.


17th – London Convention

17th – Latvian Convention 

24th – Sweden Service Conference & Sweden Spring Convention 







TBC – Russian Convention

TBC – 5th European Meeting 

Website – thanks to those Country Reps who have had time to put together some information for your country pages on

As you have time we look forward to receiving your information:

  • Number of meetings currently in the country –  PLUS details of WHERE and HOW to get to the meeting and WHO to contact to find meetings in your country.  Just like on the Czech page
  • History of fellowship and growth to go to your country page 
  • Local website

Literature – Did you know you can download free copies in different languages of the tri-folds at

Contact details of your Translation Committee – so we can provide them with the Guidelines for translation coming from WSO