August has be unusual quite month for emails. But as alway we have spent time servicing the different countries with phone calls, and emails. A big part of what we’re doing is helping to mentor and guide the new service structures to help them achieve their growth and unity. 

This month we had contact with Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, 

France who has no meetings listed with the WSO turns out that they have meetings and we are trying to connect those meetings with the translation team of French/Canadians who has started to translate our literature.


We have also been in contact with Germany they are close to be finishing up their proofreading of the YWB. 

Sweden has asked for a deadline for handing in the translated script of the Swedish YWB in order for them to have this done before the ABC/AWC in Malmö next year.

The website is going live next week with, please see link  (link is broken)

You can go in and sign up and create your own account from which you will a newsletter each time there are new developments in regards to everything that has to do with ABC/AWC 2019.

Service at the ABC/AWC 2019 Malmö

The swedes are looking for speakers or hosts for workshops you can get in contact with people in charge of the program at:

IF you want to be a volunteer at the ABC/AWC the email is:

Email for questions about other things!

Hungary: Jeffrey visited Hungary on the 17-19 of August.

– The Hungarian fellowship was extremely relieved to learn from Jeffrey that they can have their book printed in Hungary or Europe where it is cheaper than in the US. This appears to have been adding to their delays on a subconscious level because even if they completed their BRB they could not figure out how to pay for it if it was printed and shipped from the US. They were amazed and filled with joy to hear that the Russians, Finns, Danes, Swedes, and Spaniards, were all printing their own ACA literature in Europe now and selling it to local members at a local price they could afford.

– By the end of this meeting others were inspired to do service to help complete the Hungarian translation and editing of the BRB or YWB.

  • The European Committee also got its first official Country Representative for Hungary – Szabolcs (pronounced Sabolch) who is helping to follow up with these initiatives.

The EC will attend events in the coming months.

The UK: The ACA meeting in the London in the UK Sep. 28, 29.

The Dutch/Belgic event on Oct 5,6,7th

I have a short email I’d like to read

Hi all

Looking for support in attendance for the ACA weekend October 5, 6, 7, only 95.00 euro for the whole weekend all inclusive. Still needing 15 more members to sign up for the weekend. Feel free to ask people who might be interested in healing the wounded inner child. Attached are the flyers and we only have 4 person Dorm rooms available. All women, all male and mixed sex rooms still available. Email directly for more registration information.

Thank you

Mary K

Events Coordinator

This concludes my report

Respectfully submitted