Monthly EC Teleconference reporting for January 2019


DATE 5 January 14:00 CET  

A.  Call to Order:  Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear.  When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.

1)  Open with the Serenity Prayer


2)  Tradition of the Month – Tradition 1 – Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on ACA unity.


3). Concept 1 – The final responsibility and the ultimate authority for ACA World Services should always reside int he collective conscience of our whole fellowship (BRB pg 615)

B.  Roll Call of European Countries:  

Chair of TC – Majbrit: Chair of EC, Vice chair of WSO, Chair of foreign literature

European Committee Present:

Tanya M – Secretary

Charlie C – WSO Chair of Literature 

Apologies:  Jeffrey – EC Finance 

Roll Call of Country Representatives & Guests:

Estonia – Kadri-Liisa, self-appointed Translator

Finland – Hanne, Chair of IG & Translation Committee 

Lina – International Affairs/IG?

Germany – Alexia, Chair of IG include Austria/Switzerland, Chair & translation Committee & CL

Greece – Sophia, Literature Committee

Greece – Angelika – ex-Translation Committee

Slovakia – Alexandra, delegate for SK/ACA & Translation Committee Member

Spain – Aja – IG translation committee

WSO members present:

Jim R – Brooklyn, Chair of ABC Committee


Explanation of change of call structure – Majbrit:

Many of the questions in EC Teleconference Calls were about translation

As many fellowships (such as the Finns, Danes and Russians) had already translated and had experience, it made sense to bring everyone together to share ESH in Translation; instead of speaking individually with each translation team.

This call will be a conversation to create an agenda for the next call in March.

Day to day business will continue in the bi-monthly TC every other month.

New teams struggling can ask questions and these can be answered by more experienced translation teams.

Objective is to strengthen the role of translation teams throughout Europe to support each other.

Fellowship doesn’t grow if you don’t have your own literature.

As soon as WSO approved literature is available, recovery and service and fellowship grows.

This has happened all over Europe.

Our Inner Child does not speak English.

Let me give you some background – WSO is working to provide better service from the Literature Committee and is overwhelmed by work.  Charlie will cover later.

Need to review Literature Committee and split this committee into sub committees.

Currently working on production of new Little Red Book, 

Sponsor Committee is preparing new writings about how to sponsor.


Literature Committee reviews submissions

Also need to review E-Literature for solutions in smaller fellowships, important but a separate area.

HUGE need of energy  & support is needed in Foreign Literature as the WSO didn’t anticipate the growth of last 4.5 years from Europe.

Need a professional consultant perspective on the literature production to avoid getting even more backed up with literature productions in Europe.

Just now we have 4 YWBKs  and on SMR in the pipe. 

To get all the overview and plan our production, we need to know from you what your country and translation team are at with your translations and what you need from us to finalize your work flow.

As per email request – we need to know so we can produce what/where.

To date, we try to combine the launch of new literature with a national event.

Eg Russia.

Spain 2017 – we held European meeting so fellowship and European arm of the WSO can celebrate with you.

Validation of literature is really significant.

Help WSO help you.

We need to plan for this to aid production – whenever a new title is being released, we need to be able to witness that.

Charlie – I’ve had 30 yrs recovery in USA and all of you on the call have a bigger task than I ever had; to translate so literature speaks to your Inner Child.  We’ve seen rapid growth of Translation Committees in Europe.  We, WSO, need to do a better job of supporting the translation teams and create a stronger community and support each other in asking questions and getting answers.

We want to help people to learn using the program, the Traditions and getting books and/or e-literature into people’s hands -.

We want to provide support.

We’re open to whatever you have to say in coming months.

Jim R – USA – Chair of ABC in Sweden. 

Also Ballot Prep Committee – asking the groups and IG what they feel would be beneficial to WSO; they send to committee and we distribute to the world for voting.  Each group votes on whether each proposal merits discussion at the ABC?  Not if they agree with the proposal but how important is it?

That starts in the summer to fall.  Nov 30th was the deadline for submissions.

A committee is fashioned between Committee and WSO Board and add to proposal for why these points should be discussed.

The Ballots are accessible on the WSO website by January 15 and Wso needs the ballots back by March 31 to count 2/3 approval 

Proposals have traditionally been translated into local language

Don’t know how, where, when or by whom???

Assume it happens?
Perhaps EU committee may be involved?

As Chair of ABC I would love to see availability of the proposals online for delegates who go to ABC and can have the proposal in their own language.

Translations are a big project but this has a deadline by beginning of April.

Majbrit response – when proposals have been analyzed through the WSO Board, it goes out to fellowship as to what goes onto the ABC agenda.  The Ballots needs 2/3 vote to get onto the agenda.  WSO made mistake to use online services for translation some years ago.  It didn’t work effectively.

In line with Traditions, it’s the duty of each fellowship to translate – they’ll be online by Jan 15 and can be downloaded.
Link to proposals will be on EC website and also emailed through EC – 

Translation is obligation of local fellowships

Delegates who already know they’re going to ABC, please notify ABC ASAP

It’s up to the fellowship if they need to translate the ballots to understand them.  

Questions – where are you up to in your translations?

Aja – Spain – BRB has been completed, working on YWBK – currently buying online through Amazon and want to get it to Spain.

Translation haven’t done SMR 

Have some from Sth America – different Latino and Castilian Spanish 

2 people.

Would like to know how to go on …

Which book to give priority to translate?

Is ACA going to print 2 different versions of SMR – Spanish and international Spanish OR one for both

Big differences in language

Majbrit – it took 4-5 years to translate BRB into International Spanish

Spanish fellowship has grown considerably since the Castilian BRB was launched in 2017.

Before you do the LLWB, Do the SMR FIRST and hand in manuscript to WSO for approval  because then you can share the daily meditation on your local Spanish ACA website

WSO has SMR in English online and can now be emailed daily

Greeks have translated theirs and it’s on website

You reach more people if you do the translation and get it online.

Can put onto EC website with a link to your local Spanish website too. LLWB important but it’s for people who’ve already been to ACA meetings and done their step work and it is not as accessible as SMR is – that’s designed to give comfort, validation and recognition to still-suffering ACA but LLWB deals with defects the “hard work” to heal and recover.  

Reaching more people in Spain is a higher priority just now.

Get more literature, reach more people with SMR then working the Steps, then LLWB

Charlie – re Castilian/International – initially Sylvia thought one book would work for all.  However,  we encourage you to continue with Castilian and it will be its own – separate to the international Spanish
You will have it in your own language.

SMR is good.  YWB is not entirely the same as Chapter 7 of BRB but has a lot of common language.  BRB work is a good foundation for YWB.

If you choose to do the SMR it all has to be done before posting on EC

Keep LLWB till last

Translate SMR to Castilian, then do YWB 

AJE – YWB is already translated but difficult/expensive to buy from USA or Amazon.

Question – can we buy it and keep 50 or 100 in storage in Spain.

Charlie – it might take time but we are looking at in coming months.  There are many smaller fellowships where we need to find a way to get books to you.  May involve local printing.  It’s a high level topic at WSO to find out how to get a source of books closer.

Electronic publishing is another alternative – could that help in Spain so you don’t have to order from US?

Sophia – Greece

Thanks for everyone – our literature has been completed – YWB and SMR and BRB has been sent to WSO  

Agrees about challenge for smaller countries on how to get literature.  

They tried to get pamphlets from US; paid $85 for $12 worth of flyers.  Importing anything is costly.  In the beginning we got it electronically and print. 
Is it possible for each group (currently 3 F2F and 1 Skype in Greece).

Could each secretary have an electronic copy and print locally?

Better than it used to be but …

Majbrit response – are you asking about the tri-folds or an electronic version of the BRB?

Sophia – Lit Committee has the approved drafts and if someone asks for a copy, we print and send it.  In Skype meetings we have people from all around the world, we send them but since the group registered, can we give one electronic copy to the Secretary that members can go out and print out?  A matter of trust?

Is it clear what you asking?

Majbrit – We agreed you to use a draft version of the YWB 

NO, distributing, these files are the property of WSO and sharing those is copyright infringement.  We need to talk offline and these 

files have not been properly laid out so it’s not OK.

All tri-folds are online on WSO website and can be downloaded (preferably with a donation to WSO) and you don’t need to pay $85 for importing

When you go to  you can see all the tri-folds that have already been translated.

We are glad that you can use the YWB to work the Steps and help you grow the fellowship however we must retain the copyright.  There CANNOT be a lot of versions floating around in cyberspace

Charlie – is there a problem downloading the tri-folds electronically from the WSO website?

Sophia – I will try to download the tri-folds first.

Charlie – if there’s a problem downloading, let us know.  We trying to make up for delays to your fellowship.  We want to get material into members hands.

Please do this before speaking with Majbrit.

14.57 – Charlie said thank you & goodbye.

Thanks again & looking forward to next call in March

Majbrit – are you OK to proceed with the questions and let them be carry overs to next call?  This will give ourselves a month to answer these questions or compile any questions that can be asked for all translation committees.

15.00 – 

Hanna: Finland – question about process if we want to correct existing translations of BRB and Ballot proposal to our own Mtg re LLWB

Majbrit – if you have any edits to BRB, the Translation committee collects them, get a Group Conscious from your fellowship and 2/3 majority gets a change – grammar, spelling errors or things that give a better meaning.  I know you’ve been exceptionally progressive to update the language.  You could address this at your annual event.

Usually people send corrections to one email, the edits then gets implemented in the new version of the BRB.  If there’s changes to BRB, it needs to be implemented in the manuscript held by WSO.  Does this answer your question?

Hanna: Yes, helps with LL and it will go through Ballot process to see if should be discussed at Annual Business Meeting or direct to Translation Committee and WSO for acceptance.

Majbrit – WSO don’t have to accept changes in BRB – you need 2/3 majority from Finnish fellowship if you’re updating. BRB is a living document.  Danish BRB has many errors.

We’ve had it for 5 years.  We have one email where fellowship send suggested corrections too.

Quarterly the translation committee collect and when ready all these corrections can get handed to WSO.  

There’s confusion about WSO approved literature, because this would mean re-translating back to English of your interpretations.  Not possible at this time.

Just printing ACA&DF & creating it in your own language is validation and approval.

Word for word translation = $60,000/book.  ACA WSO doesn’t have that financial resources available.

Being mindful of principals before personalities and using fellowship to do this.

When WSO creates new literature, they post it on the WSO website for 90 days and fellowship can read and comment.  

We know BRB is a huge document to upload.

Need GC from fellowship on good & agreed changes.

Good for Translation Committee to prepare the changes and send out before the yearly event so members can pre-read, make an informed decision before voting at the National event.

Hanna: Let the translation committee make the changes, then when been done by the trusted servants, we send a new edition for approval by groups.


RSG pamphlet was handed into WSO – that was approved at ABC, then went back to Literature committee and then there were re-writes.  Get consensus at your yearly event.

Hanne: Thanks – really helpful and we’ll put to the fellowship

We will be out of books soon.

Majbrit – getting an imperfect book out is carrying the message. Progress not perfection is important.

15;11 Any other questions?

Jim R – any questions about upcoming ABC & AWC in Sweden.  [email protected] if you prefer to write your questions?

Majbrit – next month on this call we will discuss Sweden and ordinary EC business

Question to Finland – you have had literature for a long time.  Could any of your translation team be of service to new fellowships who need support – Slovaks, Hungarians, Polish,

Someone with experience who could be a Translation Sponsor … could you take that to the finish fellowship?

Ie so older fellowships can share experience with newer fellowships?

Sophia – is this recording and minutes available?

Tanya – Meeting minutes are available and the recordings will come as we create a simpler process to upload

EC calls going forward – to help fellowships grow their members.

Get the officers of IG to come onto the calls to share on how they do service in their fellowship – successes and challenges.  New IGs can experience challenges that have already been faced by other older fellowships.  We need to unite (Tradition One).

Motion to close meeting at 15.08

Closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.

NEXT MEETING:  DATE January 5th  14.00 CEST

What do you need to get involved in this call to support each other and growth in your country?

Proposed Schedule for 2019 EC TCs – incorporating Country Reporting & Translation meetings

Jan -Translation

Feb – Russia, Germany, Sweden

Mar – Translation   

Apr – NL, Belorussia

May – Translation

June – Spain, Lithuania

July – Translation

Aug – TBC

Sept – Translation

Oct – TBC

Nov – Translation

Dec – TBC