This month I have worked with numerous service structures – Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Denmark & Spain. 

The convention in London St. Columbus

the room was set plenary style.

Speakers came from different countries. Program lasted for 11 hours on Saturday.

European Committee had a 30 min time slot to speak about the work being done to support foreign speaking fellowships in Europe.  As the time was limited, a trifold was prepared about the EC and our work.

In addition the EC Exec began their strategic planning while in London together to create procedures and job descriptions for the various exec members. We are at a point of growth in Europe where it is important to create a sort of an OPPM for the best practices that we do already. Being pioneers we hope to be able to share our experiences should any other part of the world want to create a service committee like ours.

A meeting with Hungarian translation team in London.

We met the incoming Polish translation co-ordinator who lives in London.  Their National convention was held on the same weekend. Majbrit is setting up a meeting with the Polish translation team the aim is to get all the committee members on one call to get the translation efforts consistent and support the efforts to complete translations in order to get literature published for the Polish fellowship.

NL also requested a meeting which was granted in Belgium, will report more on by oct. call

An ACA member who has relocated to France has been briefed on how to set up a Translation Team.  It has been established that Canadian French (Quebecois French) is quite a different language –  For that reason a French, French version will be started afresh. The member in question may also be doing  service on the EC.

As the chair of Foreign Literature I currently work with Germans, Dutch, French, Hungarians & Polish teams right now. Providing service support for the new teams and trying to be as clear and precise as possible following our concepts and traditions.


The work in for the ABC/AWC is in progress.  Website ready to go live You can now register for accommodation & ABC straight away

Lots of text to write about accommodation – hotel, program, speakers, workshops, etc

Also people willing to be service volunteers for Thursday to Sunday but it all takes time.

It took more time than expected to do this.  

There is an interest already from members from 4 other countries who wishes to do service in Malmö.

Next is the program and volunteers and more work on  page.

Connecting with nearby meetings to Malmo about hosting fellow members in their homes 

Agrees that without service there’s no program

Hope to have new YWB in Swedish for the event as it is supposed to explode the fellowship.

1 – anyone who’s interested – general info

2 – Closed Facebook Groups for Volunteers to create teamwork and get to know Malmo and what to expect – thus be more inspired and join in.

[email protected] for anyone keen to do service

[email protected] for anyone wishing to give a workshop or talk

[email protected] for general questions.

The Swedish Host committee understands that they cannot share ACA material or documents in these groups, they are merely for socializing before the event in Malmö.


Respectfully Submitted

Majbrit M

EC Chair

Chair of foreign literature.