The European Committee
Our mission is to be the voice in Europe for the Fellowship of Adult Children of Alcoho- lics/Dysfunctional Families (ACA). From a place of unconditional love, we carry the message of the 12 steps, by supporting the growth of the European Fellowship through Member and Public Services (MPS). This is achieved by coordinating outreach activities and disseminating information to the European ACA Fellowship, professionals and the public. Providing Europe with a service structure to service these purposes. We are not organized for the private gain of any person, and function as an autono- mous board for Europe, as part of the World Service Organization (WSO).
ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. If you are interested and wish to do service from a space of love, please contact the European Committee by using the Contact Us link on the website.
On my way to make a tax return I took a good look of my European map, to get a sense of where we have contacts and where I work on a daily basis. I now answers mostly MPS (out reach) from 25 different countries. I might not seem like a lot, but I started out with 3 countries and 23 email contacts and are now working 25 countries with more than 250 email contacts. Most of which I hear from on a regular basis. Supporting the “old” new country Greece in getting their ACA legs have be very rewarding. What happened was, and I’m pretty sure that this could have happened anywhere, the Greek fellowship died out because they did not have the BRB in their own language. How to set up the country understanding the Handbook in the BRB, working the program. SO what I’ve been doing for Greece this month is structural supportive questions, getting them connected with Robin for a translation agreement. Helping them get their own feet to move on with carrying the message. I love it.
I also had a look on how many countries whose thinking about translations, and who’s applied for one. Five are still getting back to me, two have applied for translation contracts this month.
This month we have had our first ever Skype meeting in the European Committee, which has grown from me to six members wanting to do service. We are working to set up the board, and a lot of Questions about roles has come up. I’m letting the program, HP and trust to the job guide me. And I’m sure that the reports will look very different in the future. The next conference will be on the 7th of March at 14:00 CET. Members joining the European committee volunteering their service are basically not members of Intergroups but individuals from fellowships from EU, with the exceptions on the U.K. 
I’m posting the minutes from our first ever Skype teleconference on the repository