Minutes from August 14, 2019

European Temporary Planning Committee (TPC) Teleconference

Time: 20:15 CET The meeting is hosted via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/1787260 55 www.acawsoec.com

A. Call to Order:

Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear. When speaking, please say your name first, and country. Thank you.

1. Open with the Serenity Prayer (in plural):

God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change The courage to change the things we can,
And the wisdom to know the difference

2. Minutes and Agenda for next meeting:

Who wants to do the Minutes of this meeting and the agenda for the next meeting?
Jeanette from Sweden offered to do the minutes.

B. Roll Call of members of the European Committee: Present: Chair Majbrit, DK

Absent: Charlie, US

C. Introduction of Country Representatives and other Participants:

Please state your name and your country: Fredrik, Sweden
Päivi, Finland
Markus, Sweden

Jeanette, Sweden Mikkel, Denmark Mark, Netherlands Veronica, Switzerland

D. Agenda – Motion to approve the Agenda: MajBritSecond: Mikkel
Decision: The Agenda was approved

Are there any urgent items that need to be prioritized and/or concluded today?

Fredrik suggested the following prioritized items in following order:
1. Who should have the right to vote on the EC
2. Have we had any feedback from people outside this group wanting to do service? And does people within this group still want to do service in the positions that was put forward in the list from Minsk?
3. Let everyone that has stepped up for service on the list present themselves and tell in their own words how they can fill the serviceposition so that we all can get to know each other and have an open process.
4. Fredrik suggests that we do not prioritize the item of how long time each position should do service but instead leave the question for the interim committee to suggest after having some experience in working with the committee.

Discussion: Veronica suggested we put the description of the servicepositions in the prioritized agenda which was moved to next meeting since this agenda was already approved.

Decision: The prioritized agenda was approved according to the suggestion.

E. Minutes: Motion to approve last TPC Teleconference Minutes, posted in advance:
Second: MajBrit, DK

Decision: Approved

F. Committee Reports:

I will ask the Committee Chairperson to give their reports. (5 minutes each). If no one isserving in these roles, you can note this on the record that you have “no trusted servant and no report.”

1. Executive European Committee:

Majbrit, EC Chair have nothing to report and suggests that we instead of reports move on the workingprocess at hand.

G. Returning Business (changed accordingly to the prioritized items from section D):

1. Who should have the right to vote on the EC Teleconference on September 7, 2019?

Discussion: The suggestion that came out of the discussion was that we unanimously agreed that it is important to have a group, intergroup, regionals or country behind every vote on the teleconference. It is important that every vote is either participating in the work or that they have a group conscious behind them.

We don ́t do service where we are selfappointed.

We also need to be clear of how we spread the word of this process before the teleconference and a suggestion was put forward to discuss the role of a group representative and how that role is appointed.

A suggestion to solve the question of information was made that a couple of people write a short text that we all can decide about in the next meeting.

Decision: Every group, intergroup, region or national fellowships is allowed to vote.

Majbrit and Mikkel writes a draft to info-text for the next meeting to decide on.

  1. Have we had any feedback from people outside this group wanting to do service? And does people inside this group still want to do service in the suggested positions?
    Majbrit lets us know that no one has stepped forward outside the group. And there are no changes to the suggested positions on the list except from Veronica who is thinking of the treasurer depending on the time it takes.
  2. Each candidate for the Interim EC tell the group their thoughts about their suggested service post and coming commitment (suggested by Marcus, SWE, and Fredrik, SWE)
    Everyone did a short presentation of themselves and their experience in the area of the position they are suggested to fill. The same procedure will be made in the teleconference on September 7, before the voting.
  3. Interim European Executive Committee:The committee is scheduled for ratification on the EC Teleconference on September 7, 2019.
  4. Voting Procedure for election of Trusted Servants and Trustees on the EC and subcommittees:
    The Handbook for Service refers to voting as last resort, but in case of voting between candidates for the Interim EC, what procedures for voting (who can vote?) should be suggested on the EC TC in September? (See related item H.1 also).
  5. Time Periods to serve for Trusted Servants elected:See Minutes from previous meeting.
  6. Annual European Event and Strategic Planning Meeting:No urgent items.
  7. Agenda and Minutes:It was suggested in the last meeting to have an agenda in advance and minutes from every meeting. It was suggested by Fredrik and seconded by

Marc. Are there any additional discussion?
Motion to approve with a deadline of two days in advance for new items from Mikkel.
Second: Majbrit
Decision: Approved

9. Service Sponsorship:

Training for service sponsors: France and Norway have asked for a service sponsor (Majbrit, DNK). Majbrit informed the meeting that she wants to start the training, anyone up for it contact Majbrit.

G: Closing of the meeting

Next meeting is scheduled to Wednesday the 21th at 19:30 central European time.

The meeting was closed with the serenity prayer for adult children.