Minutes from January 22nd, 2020

European Committee Working Session (EC TC)

Time: 20:15 CET


  1. Chair invites our higher power and opened the meeting with the serenity prayer

2.  Members of the Interim European Committee

Present: Majbrit Chair, Fredrik Vice Chair, Jeanette secretary, Markus Vice web, Marjo Webmaster
Absent: Veronica Treasurer, Mikkel Second vice chair,  Päivi Service Sponsor Coordinator, Marc vice Literature chair

3.  Approval of minutes from our last meeting (see previous from both october and november)
Second: Markus
Decision: Minutes were approved

4.  Tabled business
      No tabled business.

5.   New business
Anyone can write to the secretary at least 3 days in advance of the following EC 

Teleconference to have an item added to the agenda. The(se) item(s) will appear here:


      a) Excel sheet of service
Do we have any questions or comments? Everyone has read the document but no comments. Majbrit will write the MPS and litchair.


       b) Elections for february
We will send out the requirements for service, the description of all the post and the available service positions on monday. All of the documents will be put together during the week with a group effort between Jeanette, Fredrik, Markus and Majbrit. Jeanette will put together the email with the header and put it on the slack channel “open service”. We decided to send it monday next week.

      c)  Status on the annual report from European Committee ECTC

In working progress, draft has been made, still waiting for information about spent EC budget from Bill D.


6.  Next meeting

  1. February 12th at 20:15

7. Vice chair moved to close the meeting

Second: Majbrit

Close with ACA Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change

The courage to change the one I can

And the wisdom to know that one is me