European Report for March 2017

Next Teleconference will be the 8th of April T 14:00 CET
For more information please see

We have been in contact with Norway, I was able to send 4 Danish BRBs too the Norwegian translation team and they confirmed my Invitation on the 17th of June as they have their first national ACA gathering in Oslo. They program will be posted on our EC web site.

We spoke with the trustees of the Finnish Service committee in regard to traditions and understanding the service structure.

We spoke Ireland. They have a their national ACA day on the 1 of April information is posted on our EC web site. They expect it will be a small event but they are looking forward to get together to hopefully form an InterGroup.

I spoke to the UK in regard to The ABC 2018, they were wandering if they could be of service in San Diego, and I referred them to the ABC host committee.

We spoke with the Swish country representative in regard to service on a national level referring to our handbook, how to form a nationally service board.

I spoke with the Netherlands they have gotten a new chair for their IG and a new chair of their translation committee.

Other countries I had contact with was Greece, Spain, Germany. Most of my activity as Chair are calls through Skype To try to resolve questions in regards to our traditions or how we serve and the responsibility to those we serve. And as the service structure grows in Europe we are looking forward to continue to support their efforts. We desperately need a Secretary with good English writing skills, so if anyone is out there please contact us at [email protected]

Jeffrey do you have anything to add