Call for Shares: Loving Parent Guidebook
The proposal to create a Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG) passed the 2017 ABC unanimously. It was envisioned as an expanded, experiential guide to support Chapter 8 in the Big Red Book.
The LPG team has been hard at work since January 2018 and is now in the writing stage. We believe this guidebook will be an important new reparenting resource for newcomers and seasoned members alike.
But we need your help. To make the Guide complete we need fellowship voices on personal reparenting experiences. This can include how you made contact with your Inner Child, how you interact on a daily basis, or any other experience that has been meaningful to you. Your voices will help reflect the rich range of reparenting styles and experiences and make the guidebook more personal and accessible.
You can make a major impact on adult children learning to reparent themselves and practice self-love, all without participating in a conference call or leaving the comfort of your own home.
If you are interested in sharing on any of the topics below or anything else about reparenting that’s meaningful to you , please click here for guidelines and to submit your anonymous share. You can submit more than once. It helps the committee greatly if you can submit separate shares for separate topics. Thank you!