Meeting started five minutes after the hour
In attendance: Brody Chair, Erin Vice Chair, Miles, Mary Jo Trustee, Jim ABC Chair
Meeting began with the ACA Serenity Prayer

1. Delegates Education Training
a. One format both days
b. Discuss Outline

Dates March 11th and April 8th

Training will be a synapse of topics that will be discussed in more detail at the ABC.
Covering service section of BRB page 596 topics included, steps, traditions, concepts, Roberts Rules of Order, reporting back to group and commitment to service.

2. Delegates WSO/ACA Education page.
a. Finalize updates for post
Drafted email sent to Mary Jo who edited and formatted for delegate page.

3. ABC Delegate Training
a. Ground rules will be established at the ABC
b. The Chair for the ABC will be selected at the event
c. A Parliamentarian will be there to support the process
d. Create template for delegates to report back to their groups

4. Delegates Volunteering at ABC
5. Buddy List