The Report for February, 2018

Submitted by Jim R., the ABC Committee Chair, March 10, 2018


–          The Delegate Binder is taking shape. The foundational documents, the proposals and reports are being inserted.

–          The month brought many challenges. In particular, challenges to the methods and deadlines of the ABC Host application process; challenges to the process of selecting speakers for the World Convention; even challenges to the deadline for voting on the Ballot Proposals.   All storms have been weathered, many lessons learned.


–          Suggest that, beyond 2018, the Board set standards for the publication of the results of the balloting of the group proposals.


The 2018 ABC/AWC


  • Looking into the fabrication of a type of ‘auction paddle’ that will identify delegates for easier, and more accurate recording of the ABC minutes.
  • With a sense of the Proposal results, the ABC agenda is taking shape.


The AWC Program

  • Developments for the World Convention are offered by the Host Committee.
  • Sue is at the 2018 ORC, Miles will try and attend the conference call, he is also at the ORC.
  • Registrations – continue to increase, we are around 170 attendees in 8 countries, don’t forget the registration price increases to $60 March 17th.
  • Program – Highlights are being added to the convention website, on the workshops, more to follow shortly, over 20 workshops
  • Sat evening will have 2 events – one -tradition dance – we will be requesting favourite songs, second will be a music and poetry share- individuals can stand up sing a song, share a poetry reading they wrote etc., more info on the web shortly
  • Toronto Attractions posted on the web site for those interested in sight seeing
  • We still have requests for hotel room sharing both those attending ABC and AWC. We have matched around 6-8 individuals.
  • Volunteers for both ABC and AWC are still needed at the convention, greeters, registration, workshop assistants – helping the presenters.
  • Don’t forget to book the Thurs Medieval Dinner & tour, Sat evening banquet and lunches.


The 2018 Delegate Binder

  • Reports were received from the Delegate Training Subcommittee, The Service Structure Committee and the Website Committee.
  • Parameters for submissions were clarified: No – headers, footers, page numbers or breaks.
  • Proposals were formatted and inserted; comments added. Waiting on overall vote totals confirmation and the subsequent percentages.
  • Discussing how much proposal information shall be included in the binder.

The Delegate Training Subcommittee

  • The two teleconference training dates have been set.
  • March 11th and April 8th, both at 12:30 pm EST
  • The number is 712 760 4100, access code 281687#
  • Information tailored for delegates has been posted to the Convention website


The 2019 ABC

  • Participated in the Euro Teleconference, to be available for any questions pertaining to the production of the Swedish ABC.
  • Wrote to the principle participants, suggesting that Step 1 might be to determine the duration of the 2019 ABC / Euro Convention – 3 days or 4 days? This will guide our negotiations with the event venue.

The Ballot Prep Subcommittee

  • Received the preliminary voting results, which will inform the agenda timetable.