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  • Began to develop a monthly ABC Committee Annual Timeline
  • Surveyed the ABC Committee to see with which facets of the committee work, each member was interested in participating.
  • The 2018 ABC venue recommended to the Board, by the ABC and Toronto Host Committees.  (The Board accepted the recommendation of the Holiday Inn – Yorkdale as the site of the 2018 ACA Annual Business Conference and World Convention
  • Developed a Ballot Prep Committee timeline for the year ahead. Created a Ballot Proposal layout for next year’s binders, suggesting an abbreviated comment section and a space for delegates to make notes.
  • Began creating an Application to Host, for the 2019 ABC. Referred to materials used last year and created an initial outline of the Application form, to be developed.
  • Wrote to ComLine asking for an announcement of the Group Conscience Proposal process; also asked for an announcement of the search for Host for the 2019 ABC.
  • Reached out to the Service Structure and Delegate Training Committees for critique and ideas for improving the 2018 Conference, primarily with agenda and binders.

That the Board make a decision whether the 2019 ABC and 2019 World Convention will be held at the same time, at the same site. And how the ABC Committee may be of support.