Download the detailed report, prepared by Jim R here.

 The 2017 Annual Business Conference was successfully produced at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego, California, on April 20th and 21st.
 Jim R., of Brooklyn, NY was selected to be the Chairperson of the ABC Committee for 2017

Wed., May 3. Phone meeting – Sue V. and Miles (of Toronto), and Jim R
Focus was on lodging/venue. Options were discussed. Looking for information from San Diego – for a report from the Handlery Hotel, as to final numbers.

 That at the next working session, the Board will choose whether the 2019 World Convention will be hosted in conjunction with the ABC, which will be in Europe; or whether it will be hosted separately in North America; and if so, at what date, and whether the ABC Committee
will oversee the host selection and be the liaison for the event; and to then convey this decision to the ABC Committee.