Minutes for July 6, 2019

Monthly European Committee Teleconference (EC TC)

Time: 14:00 CET

The meeting was hosted via Zoom:




A. Call to Order:
The meeting was opened with a Call to Order and The Serenity Prayer.

The meeting was conducted on Zoom for the second time.

B. Roll Call of members of the European Committee (EC):  


Charlie H., WSO Chair, USA

Majbrit M, EC Chair & WSO Board Member, DNK

Tanya M., Outgoing EC Secretary, CZE 

A quorum was established for the meeting.

C. Introduction of Country Representatives and other Participants:  

The meeting had the following other participants:

(country codes found at: https://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/ctycodes.htm)

Alexia, DEU

Arjan, NLD

Daniel C., AUT

Fredrik H., SWE

Hanne, FIN

Hasse O., DNK

Jeanette, SWE

Kadri Liisa, EST

Lina, LTU

Marc G., NLD

Marcus, SWE

Matthew, NLD

Mikkel, DNK

+ some later arrivals

D. Agenda:
The meeting did not have an agenda send in advance of the meeting, but continued discussing topics from the agenda of the EC TC in June and from the Temporary Planning Committee.

E. Minutes: Motion to approve last Teleconference Minutes (and/or previous ones).
The Minutes from the last Teleconference were not discussed, but they can be found at acawso.org, under the European Committee.

F. Chair Report:

The Chair of the EC, Majbrit, reported the following:

Both members of the EC & WSO, Majbrit and Charlie, have recognized a need for development of the EC and wider participation from people from more countries.

Many leaders were requesting change voiced at the WSO ABC in Malmoe, Sweden, in April 2019, and last moths teleconferences.

The May EC TC established a consensus to look at a new model of leadership and that this process be more participatory and inclusive with the goal of establishing a larger European Committee and other sub-committees of Officers and Trusted Servants.

Five fellows stepped up in May’s EC TC as members of a new Temporary Planning Committee:
Alexia, DEU; Fredrik, SWE; Marc, NLD; Mikkel, DEN; and Veronica, CHE

An agenda for the European Meeting in Minsk on July 27 has been proposed by that committee (see Attachment 1). There was ongoing discussion about what the EC will do in Minsk.  Focus here was to raise questions and adjust planning ahead of the Minsk meeting.

Majbrit requested that members interested in doing service for the EC write a description of yourself, your service background, and your particular areas(s) of service interest to email: eu@acawso.com

G. Treasurer’s Report:

No report was given.

H. Committee Reports:

  1. Executive European Committee:

See above under the Chair Report.

  1. Temporary Planning Committee (TPC):

Several new members joined the Temporary Planning Committee: Hasse, DNK; Lina, LTU; Hanne, FIN; Jeanette, SWE; and Marcus, SWE. Welcome!

The TPC has worked on discussion points, an agenda for Minsk, and topics to be covered (see also Attachment 1). 

I. Returning Business:

  1. Interim European Committee:

An Interim European Committee was discussed to secure transition from the present EC. A timeframe was discussed to allow for a proposal to be presented on the EC TC in August and be ratified on the EC TC in September. 

Time was a consideration for a handover from the current Chair, Majbrit, before she is stepping down in April 2020 at the WSO ABC in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. The new Chair will need to be a member of the WSO Board of Trustees.

A consensus was formed that representatives go to Minsk in July and develop recommendations for the structure of the Interim European Committee, and subsequently the future EC, with room for inclusion of additional fellows in the process.

Participants were asked to return a notification whether they participate in Minsk or not.

  1. Call to Service:
    Participants were encouraged to advise their fellowships that service roles are available, as suggested in the Call to Service, written by the Temporary Planning Committee and mailed out to the European fellowships on June 26, 2019.
  1. Meeting in Minsk, July 27, 2019:

Before the meeting in Minsk we need to decide on the top 3-4 items for discussion.
Also, it needs to be clarified at what times online participants and representatives can attend on Zoom.

Anyone interests in stepping up to service should email your interest and service background in advance to:eu@acawso.com

The following topics were suggested for discussion in Minsk:

– Discuss and record the specific tasks of future committees under the EC.

– Develop service sponsors for newer ACA countries/IG’s with little service structure.

– Develop a proposal for a larger body of Trusted Servants for the Interim EC for consideration on the EC TC calls in August and September.

J. Announcements:

The following announcements were made:

The next EC Teleconference is scheduled to August 3, 2019, at 14:00 CET the first Saturday next month.

K. Motion to close the meeting?

The closing was seconded and the meeting closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.

Attachment 1:

Agenda for next call of the Temporary Planning Committee, June 22nd, 2019:

a)      Establishing an Interim EC Board & Volunteering on the new EC Service Structure

b)      Timetable for New Processes & Roadmap for the EC Event in Minsk

c)       Discussing a Proposed Service Structure

1.       Basics

a.       Bottom-up elections process for country representatives

b.       Descriptions of services positions

c.       Qualifications for EC board members

d.       Qualifications for chairs and vice chairs of sub committees


2.       Restructuring the EC Board/Establishing Sub-Committees

a.       EC-Board members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

b.       EC-Sub-Committees: e.g. Service Structure (incl. Service Sponsors), Literature, Website, ABC, MPS, Host Committee for EC Events


3.       List of candidates for the Interim EC board

a.       Chair (Note: Majbrit is the current chair until the next ABC)

b.       Vice chair

c.       Secretary

d.       Treasurer

e.  Website??

4.       List of candidates for the sub-committees

a.       Chairs

b.       Vice Chairs

5.       List of volunteers for the Sub-Committees

6.       Future Topics: Regions