Minutes for August 2018

Monthly EC Teleconference

August 4th 2018

14:00 CEST



Please notify the secretary at [email protected] with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.

Meeting opened at 14:02


A.  Call to Order:  Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear.  When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.

1)  Open with the Serenity Prayer


2)  Tradition Eight:  ACA should remain forever non-professional but our service centers may employ special workers.


B.  Roll Call of European Countries:  

Chair of TC – Majbrit

European Committee Present:

Majbrit – EC Chair & WSO Board Member

Tanya M – Secretary

Charlie C – EC & WSO Chair of Literature 

Jeffrey F – apologies 

Jim R – Brooklyn, NY, ABC & AWC

Roll Call of Country Representatives & Guests:

Kaadri-Liisa – Estonia – non-elected CR, Translation team member & Treasurer

Alexia – Germany, CR & Chair of Literature & Translation & Service Board, German-speaking IG

Beryl – UK – International Rep & Chair of Conventions Committee

Marc – Netherlands CR & Dutch Translation committee

Reminder Non-committee members are welcome to listen to this teleconference but are requested to remain silent unless asked to participate. We respectfully request that guests hold their questions and comments until later in the call when we open it up for discussion. If someone needs to talk further, arrangements can be made after the end of the call.


When the call is opened for discussion, this will be your chance to have direct contact with the WSO and ask questions about anything related to our fellowship such as service structures, translations, literature, etc.

SHARE YOUR SUCCESS or News about something coming up!

Alexia – Germany 

* German website is now online

* updated EC website link – http://acawsoec.com/germany/  

* Daily Meditations is translated into German on the local German website 

Beryl – UK – ACA UK International Convention – 28-29th Sept, 6pm – 11pm, 9-11pm & invites everyone to attend – honored to attend – see http://www.adultchildrenofalcoholics.co.uk/attachments/File/Convention_flyer_copy.jpg 

Marc – Netherlands — 1st IG was held on Skype; tomorrow 2nd in The Hague – all coming from over Netherlands; bringing fellowship together to meet face to face.  Dutch website is updated with meeting info

Majbrit for Swedish  – logos & posters are ready for ABC in 2019; 

when’s the latest date for Swedish YWB to be ready for April event?

Kadri-Liisa – Estonia – Russian speaking ACA had an issue on FB group – managing it

WSO News

Majbrit – Vice-chair of WSO

  • new Operations Manager at WSO in Signal Hill and office running smoothly
  • many YWBs being sold.  
  • 10,000 BRBs have been ordered at once – First time in history!

Charlie – Chair Literature

  • Spanish manuscripts are in the pipeline – Meditation & Laundry List workbook – both are in hand and will be sped up to get Spain & Panama edited & towards publication.  
  • Starting Sep 1st a new Sponsorship working group – ways to increase sponsors & resources. If you know anyone in your country who’d like to participate would be helpful as there are additional issues needing consideration … contact [email protected] or [email protected] 
  • UK – invitation to Beryl to talk after the meeting to discuss the UK convention
    • Beryl – IG will be meeting on 18th and will discuss after that; keen to have WSO & EC be involved in 
    • Charlie – would you consider asking us to join you on 18th – 15 minutes?  It may create more time/space for restorations – then more clarity to have understanding and answer any questions – big impact on the cancellation and a chance to get to know each other better.  A more expeditious way to have a conversation
    • Beryl – just want to move forward
    • Charlie – similar spirit of the WSO. Please consider some time to cover any unanswered questions & clear the air and move forward.
    • Beryl – will ask IG
    • Charlie – everybody sincerely wants UK event to be a success 
    • Beryl – thanks 

* Majbrit – re sponsorship – South African request for a sponsor was answered with an American sponsor

* Jim – re ABC – not in EC and not on WSO board but wants to add wins!  He does lots of committees on the Slack platform. 

* Revisions of OPPM – Operations Procedures Policy Manual – guidelines for how the WSO functions.  His first ABC there were big gaps between what was recorded in the OPPM and the actual functioning.  Entire document has been reviewed and how it could work better.  Also many new developments in last 10 years.  It can be seen at www.acawso.org on home page. 
* Ballot Preparation Committee are focused on the proposal process that ACA goes through.  Most members aren’t aware that groups can suggest to fellowship ideas for improvement through the organization.  It’s a structured process.  They have made a call for proposals at the beginning of August requesting any ideas for how organization could better function.  Focussed on developing the rules and documents on how to do it.  

  • ABC 2019 in Sweden progressing really well.  Jim’s role is as resource and reminder for Host Committee to the next steps to progress the event.  
  • Question about April 2019 ABC & AWC attendance?  

Could fellowships consider a way to estimate numbers interests in attending?

How might come and from where and how many?

Majbrit re Sweden 2019 – website going live very soon and it will have a button to subscribe to for information about the event.  It’s a safe place.  Also you can book rooms and register. 

Questions from CRS

Alexiare call for proposals for ABC in Sweden 2019 & reports from Toronto 2018 – waiting on written report on Toronto 2018 re decisions being made. 
* Jim – has several docs – one lists all proposals & comments from all worldwide

2nd – process and includes the 2 proposals accepted to be put on the agenda – will send via Slack.  It’s not the official minutes.

* Alexia – re delay of minutes by Mary-Jo. Audio recordings are on ACA website.  Need to translate to German for fellowship.  Saw that two delegates shared their unofficial report in Slack.

* Jim – I’ll send you a copy of the delegate binder

* Charlie – 2 measures considered by delegates were approved

* Tanya – will request a report from other 2018 ABC attendees

* Jim – have a Delegate Training sub-committee to understand functioning of ABC; they have recommendations on how to put together a report.  Groups and IG are autonomous and we welcome any and all reporting.  He is personally wary/fearful/cautious about making reporting too structured as we don’t know where delegates are from

His first ABC he had no idea – not position of WSO to tell groups how to do something … their decisions. His first convention he had no idea; was supported by his IG financially to attend and he felt obligated to report back.  At that time he had no expectation.  People shouldn’t feel pressured to do something uncomfortable to do.

* Charlie – several other ways to see it.  WSO cannot command but often times people aren’t clear what the service needs are.  Other fellowships are more explicit for need as what is decided/desirable for a delegate to do a report – that’s part of the service role.  There’ll always be people curious about what happened at ABC to get ready for the next ABC.  There’s a time lag in getting things out.  Is there a way for people to share their informal minutes that could go up in some formal.  Some other ways to fill this vacuum.

* Jim – great idea!  Often those informal reports have more insight

* Charlie – Jim & I first in 2016 and I liked his so much I didn’t write my own!

* Alexia – this is what I’m experiencing in Slack – great to have a forum in Slack.  The two were great and their experiences of ABC.  Great idea.

Marc re ACA Serenity Prayer.  Fellowship text on pg 424 BRB – but in the audio book on Amazon it’s slightly different ??

* Charlie – has older edition too.  One misfortune is that over the years people have edited BRB but there are some small differences.  Literature Chair 6-8 years ago changed text.  Currently there are versions floating around.  Subtle differences.   In future some documentation/log will be kept of such changes.  

* Majbrit – in spirit of courage and maintaining clarity when translation into your native tongue, I urge you to translate the Serenity Prayer that’s makes the most sense to you

Key goal is to communicate in a way that your members will understand.

* Alexia – eng website serenity prayer is not on ACA.org nor repository and website is the most current – perhaps it could be posted to JIM B

Kaadri Liisa re Ready Set Go – what is it?

Charlie – it’s designed to help newcomers, there’s so much info in BRB, it’s hard to know where to start. Other 12 Step programs hold starter workshops where you can come in for a quick intro – 1 or 4 day workshop.  They’re not deep lifelong journey but helps get a broad overview and how the 12 steps work and fit together.  RSG takes small pieces to communicate key points of each 12 steps.  It’s also about re-parenting and for group workshop setting.  Group leader who works through sections & chance to get first intro to program.  It’s an opportunity to share questions/answers and group intro.  It’s been used 5-6 years in US Mid-west and feedback is that it helps a newcomer get a quicker AHA to then dive into BRB with more understanding and thus work program more effectively.  A small guide for workshop setting.  Getting ready by early Sept with a Review.   See fellowship review version at https://acawso.org/2018/05/17/new-literature-for-fellowship-review-ready-set-go/ 

Alexia – Ready Set Go pdf she’s had for 1 year.  She thought it’s a step working guide which quotes from BRB and YWB focusing on each Step – to get an overview.  Not about working the steps but taking the steps??  Where is it?

Charlie – Correct.  Program has been used in different ways and we’re trying to assimilate 2 versions and then will post for 3-4 months for it to be looked at and read and send comments to Literature committee before final publishing.  It’s little excerpts based on BRB – based on step part of program.  Seen as valuable as it helps newcomers who’re confused and may get a more simplified intro in a group setting and see it’s working.  Taking vs doing the steps helps to understand and then be able to use them more in life.  Should be a more useful tool.  In countries with BRB translations, it may be a good opportunity for workshops to help people get started.  

Kaadri Lissa – Like back to Basics?

Marc – April 2019 in Malmo, Sweden ; do they still want volunteers?  For IG meeting tomorrow.  And query about groups attending – eg 5-15 people from one country, should it be announced and is for planning?

Majbrit – yes they are wanting volunteers.  They already have volunteers who’ll answer questions; some are taking care of groups and individuals re hotel rooms, etc

Jim – if 10-15 attending ABC, that’s 15% of the conference room we had in Toronto and it helps us to know in advance.  Equally for AWC we want everyone to have a good experience – ie, whether 200 or 500 or 1000 people.  The sooner we know, the better.  They may not be in a position to take that information yet.  It might be once the website is fixed.  Great questions as there may be other European groups planning too.  We want to organize adequate rooms and activities.

Majbrit – website not online – send info to me and I’ll forward to host committee chair.

Marc to Charlie – re sponsorship project?  Please clarify

Charlie – we’re looking for people to participate in a group to find sponsors.

In 2017 in San Diego delegates asked for Literature to be considered about sponsorship as what we have is confusing and not meeting people’s needs.   Majbrit & Charlie’s Sponsorship workshop in 2018 in Toronto – was how to deal with ACA fears of authority figures, don’t feel good enough to be a sponsor, etc.  All agreed, having more sponsors and having more literature would be even better.  Step 1.  Examine what’s working; what’s not and how to prepare people to be sponsors and how to fit the emotional needs of people in ACA.   2.  What are the needs?  Feedback is that in Europe, there’s a need to hook up on Skype for sponsorship as sponsors seem scarce.

We need to know what the problems are and what might help ; this forum is trying to get people together to get perspectives.  Volunteers welcome.  SEP 1st … info will be circulated.  Monthly calls for next 6 months in order to compile a report to send to the next ABC

* Majbrit – from personal experience of having a Danish sponsor. Having an English sponsor it better then having no one. Even though it’s better to hear recovery In your own language.  IF you’re in a new country without an ACA service structure, it’s hard. Many. are not able to find a sponsor. But even though you haven’t done all 12 steps you can still sponsor a newcomer. The most important thing is that you have a sponsor yourself who has a sponsor – so that there is an unbroken chain of sponsors. Majbrit’s four sponsees use English as it helps them move forward in their recovery and then if  needed to get to their deep feelings they are recommended  to share in their native language with co-traveller .

You don’t get connected unless you ask for help … 

If anyone would like to make a difference, please participate and ask sponsors in your country to get involved.

* Charlie – important issue everywhere.  WSO is also looking at practical models for people to become comfortable being a sponsor.  Looking at academies and workshops.  People in Europe are still translating and are new and …. They have additional challenges to contend with

Be helpful to have EC members on that committee starting Sep 1 August.

* Marc – good to understand as many people are walking out.

* Charlie – same in US.  Very common challenges and sharing them helps growth.

* Alexia – Experience in Germany.  Her step work – she wanted someone very familiar with ACA steps and found someone in English speaking group.  She also needed someone to share with in her own language.  She found three other co fellow travelers doing step work and recently two newcomers.  This helps as it’s the blind is leading the blind with all newcomers.  Now knows of one ACA member has started a phone meeting for men only for doing Step work.  

Tanya ACA resource/communication reminders – 

Motion to close meeting 15.15

Closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.

NEXT MEETING:  Sat 1st September 14.00 CEST