As I went to the US on a face to face meeting in Atlanta the were a couple of things you might benefit from my experiences.

When you order your trip make sure that you
1. Order a visa before you buy your plane ticket

2. Check you carrier of you phone company so that you are able to call home in any event. 
3. Make sure that your phone can make calls in the US.
4. Have enough cash with you on the first day.
5. Come a day before the conference so that you might get your sleep because of the time difference between your country and the USA.
6. check out if you can get internet connection at the hotel, or Wi Fi. 
7. Get on Skype, have money on your Skype account so that you can call your loved ones.
8. Plan for the climate by checking the weather a day before you live your time zone and go to the US.
9. Plan to get some down time after the ABC and maybe see some sights.
10. Get a map so you may find your way around on your own if you come a day early.
11. Get to know the local transportation, so that you don’t make the same mistake in paying 80$ for a taxi from the airport to the hotel. 
12. Plan your flight so that you don’t get in late a night, if you are trawling alone.
Hope this will be useful for planning the ABC or coming to the US in general, if you have any else that would be good to know please email me at [email protected] and address it to European Chair
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