DTSC January 2020 Report

 Co-Chairs Cheryl F. and Erin D.

 Tradition 4 and 5 Skits have been recorded by the Oaks Recovery Fellowship group PA076 and sent to the board. Expect to see and hear them posted this week!

The DTSC will be looking into Doodly.com at $39 a month and $65 enterprise for possible animation of the Tradition skits. We do ask the fellowship if anyone has this skill and would be willing to volunteer services please contact us.

The Getting Started document has been updated and reposted.

A Delegate Letter and Checklist have been created and posted to the service website and convention website. These documents are to keep Delegates informed on the service responsibilities and support trainings. An email blast will go out to 2020 registered delegates and 2019 registered delegates. We access 2020 delegates from the convention website, so we encourage new delegates to register as soon as possible.

Our February agenda items:

  • Schedule 3-4 weekly pre-conference training dates to include Website and Database Committee for remote training.
  • Possible ABC Meet and Greet for Delegates Wednesday evening.
  • Update on modification of Robert’s Rules for 2020.
  • Discussion on morning trainings at the ABC.

We can be reached at: DTSC@acawso.org