ACA WSO Diversity Ad hoc Committee report with April 2020 Activity Report

  1. The Diversity committee met on May 1 2020 with 6 people in attendance. We meet monthly on the first Friday of each month at 2PM Eastern on Slack. Please email s[email protected] for call details or more information.
  2. The committee passed the following motion and asks the Board for its approval once it gets time to review it.

The Diversity Ad Hoc moves that we change our name to The Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee

  1. We are discussing Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility at our meetings and how to do outreach.
  2. We also had a nomination to have Julianne be the ad hoc’s committee liaison to the Spirituality Literature Team. She is already attending both meetings.
  3. We did a committee report at the 2020 Annual Business Conference and also put out a May Traveler article. We are getting more people interested in the committee and joining us on our slack communication channel. It is great to see a growing interest and more participation in the committee.