Fellowship Review is a period during which new literature is made available for use within the fellowship, with comments and/questions submitted during the Fellowship Review period. The period may range from one to three years, at the discretion of the WSO Board. At the end of the period, the Literature Evaluation Subcommittee will evaluate all comments and make recommendations, as appropriate, to the writer team of the document. Following any revisions and approval by the Literature Committee, the document will be sent to World Service Organization.
The following literature is in fellowship review mode:
The Loving Parent Guidebook
Fellowship Period (three years): September 2021 – September 2024.
Following is a link to the form for comments on existing literature, which can be used for fellowship Review:

Comments are welcome on any topic a reader or group would like to share. The following are
some questions that may prove helpful in making comments:
1. Is this literature helpful to my recovery?
2. Is the language gentle, loving and non-judgmental?
3. Is the literature inclusive of members whose homes did not contain drugs or alcohol?
4. Is the literature inclusive of members of different ages, genders, cultures and ethnicities?
5. Does the literature refer to ACA as a spiritual and not religious program?
6. Are there any terms or phrases that are difficult to understand?
7. Are there idiomatic expressions that may not translate to other languages?
8. Is there anything that confused you?
9. Did you want more discussion on any topic?
10. Are there sections that could be moved or deleted?
11. Are the graphics appropriate and helpful? more or less?
12. Is there sufficient guidance to work with the materials?