ACAWSO Literature Committee Quarterly Meeting Notes 10/12/2021

Prepared by Recording Secretary Suzi B.

1. Goals are to clean up the Lit Com website and create one place online for all meeting minutes.

2. Need volunteers for open positions on Lit Com:
Literature in Development Subcommittee
Communications Subcommittee
Volunteer Coordinator
Boundaries Study Group Coordinator
ComLine Chair

3. Lit Com is accepting new submissions from service entities – regions, intergroups, groups
Submit form here: Submission form
First submission: A New Hope guide for new meetings.

4. Loving Parent Guidebook update
5,000 of 10,000 copies have been sold by WSO
-3,500 copies will ship in UK
400 copies sold on Amazon; both Kindle and spiral-bound versions available
Another 10,000 copies have been ordered
LPG Study Guide has been approved by the board.
Fellowship comments are invited; no edits will be made till after fellowship review

5. Backlog update
Bill of Rights – Letter to writer group to be sent soon. Overview of comments:
add an introduction, rephrase some directive language, some reordering and/or
Safety Tent Card – Fellowship review comments are being evaluated by a new
reader team
Mentorship Trifold – Ready for reader team
-Slogans, Affirmations, bookmark – Ready for reader team
6. Expected in next 6 months
Connections: Giving and Receiving Support in ACA Recover y
Getting Started – 200-page book for those in first 12-18 months of recovery
First draft almost ready for beta readers
Run first draft by Connections Committee
Ready, Set, Go – introductory program to ACA
A New Hope – beginners meeting handbook

7. Add “Recommendations for Representative Language” doc to Lit Com website

8. ComLine update
Proposal for new ComLine blog has been submitted to WSO Board
Prototype structure is in place
Committee is discussing the initial 6 categories and whether to
include categories for particular interest groups
Initial Categories:
Voices of Recovery
ACA Toolbox
Loving Parent
Without Borders
WSO News

9. Literature Evaluation Team update
Several new members; half are international (non-USA)
Team will start addressing backlog
Reader team review guidelines are in place

10. We discussed possible Fellowship Review topics
Gentle and loving language
Refers to ACA as spiritual, not religious, program
Does it include different views of spirituality and/or spiritual principles
-Topic meets need in the fellowship not already covered
Inclusive of people from homes where alcohol and drugs were not
Easily translatable
Clear, concise, avoids redundancy
At a basic reading level
Does it avoid assumptions of privilege