Information Technology (IT) Committee

October 14, 2021

Dear Meeting Contact:

We are contacting groups regarding a problem with the ACA meeting list data.  Many groups in order to be welcoming to people of all types have checked multiple boxes under meeting type such as LGBTQ+, beginner, secular, etc.

These boxes are only intended to be used to designate meetings that are focused on a specific population. This has led to newcomers as well as other members, after searching for a specific meeting type, being surprised by attending a meeting that does not actually represent that type.  Most importantly, it makes it harder for ACA’s to find meetings that actually represent a specific population.

The IT Committee and All ACA’s need your help as the meeting contact!

The SOLUTION to this problem: Only the boxes that describe your meeting’s population  should be checked. Most groups will not have any boxes checked.

  1. Please use the “Update Meeting” tab at the bottom of your meeting listing to make changes.
  2. Update your meeting type to reflect your group (remember most meetings would not check any of these)
  3. Update your meeting:  “Meeting” = Face-to-Face vs “Online” = virtual with video, Telephone=audio only, Hybrid = list both in meeting (face to face) and online
  4. Update your meeting’s contact information.

Click here for instructions to update your meeting.

Thank you for helping newcomers and also members with time in program, to find the meetings with which they identify in order to enjoy a special place for recovery.

Yours in service,
IT Committee