The 2nd Annual ACA Public Information Day is Saturday September 17th at 1 PM Eastern Time. ACA members interested in learning about service opportunities in Public Services and Hospitals & Institutions are encouraged to attend.

Zoom Information will be posted closer to the event.

This year’s program will introduce plans to develop a correspondence program for ACA members to support adult children incarcerated otherwise institutionalized. This is a special opportunity to connect with those in need of our program who are youthful offenders, incarcerated parents of young children, and others.

We also discuss potential uses of social media by ACA. The program will include:

  •  a review of Public Services and H&I and our plans for the year
  • Shares by ACA members with experience doing correspondence with inmates
  • Opportunities for service for Regions, Intergroups, and Meetings.
  • available literature that ACA members can use for Public Information and H&I