One Year Update - The Loving Parent Guidebook

The Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG) has been out for a year! So far, over 28,400 have been sold worldwide. More than 160 groups registered at use the LPG or practices from the guidebook. You can find meetings using the LPG on the ACA website meeting search page: Select The Loving Parent Guidebook under the "Meeting Format Filter" dropdown to narrow the results. 

Translations are underway in Russian, Finnish and Serbian, with possibilities for Danish, Japanese, and other language editions. If you or someone you know is interested in translating the LPG, please contact [email protected] about the process and required license. The Translation Subcommittee meets monthly, every 3rd Wednesday at 1 pm ET/7 pm CET/ 6 pm GMT; all are welcome. Zoom Meeting ID: 879 0590 2057, Passcode: 969814. 

Here are a few shares offered by ACAs working the LPG in groups, which we hope will be helpful to those curious about how it is used in practice:

  • "My LPG study group (6 participants) covers one chapter every two weeks, which we've found to be a reasonable pace, allowing the group to work through the 22 chapters in one year, with time for gentleness breaks. Our format is simple and outlines what each chapter covers. Then we share on the exercises. One person records and shares the guided practices ahead of time for consistency. After completing the Yellow Book and the Laundry List book, I've found the LPG to be the crucial work toward healing; this is where all the Steps, concepts, and fellowship take shape."
  • "When the LPG came out, I had been reparenting myself alone, and the idea of working in a group seemed uncomfortable. I knew I would need any LPG study group I joined to be a safe place. For a few weeks, my group members and I expressed our needs and discussed how to bring things up to make our group a safe container. We elected to rotate secretaries every month. We also went over the WSO LPG study group guide. We are currently in chapter 6, discovering our inner teen. There are 7 people, and we keep it closed. Our group works well, with respect and room for every voice to be heard. We have helped each other understand various parts of the LPG by sharing our experience, strength, and hope as to its meaning."
  • "One of my primary concerns in starting a reparenting check-in meeting was that newcomers wouldn't be able to reparent. I was mistaken from the get-go. More than two years later, I still find newcomers willing to reparent themselves, and they do so in such a beautiful way." 

For bonus resources, including several translations of the reparenting check-in practice and a study group guide, please visit This link is also listed at the top of Appendix A in the book. 

The guidebook is still in fellowship review. We would greatly appreciate your comments on your experience at 

Yours in Service,

Bonnie M. and Kate O.

Members of The Loving Parent Guidebook Subcommittee