Dear Group Representatives,

This is a reminder to your group/intergroup/region that proposals for the 2022 ABC are due by September 30th 2021 .  Your group should have received the original email which was sent in early August. To recap – If your group has crafted a proposal to be considered for the Ballot, do the following:

NOTE: The September 30th deadline is a step in the process. If your group’s proposal would benefit from revision or clarification, you will have the month of October, and the assistance of the Ballot Prep Committee, to produce a final submission by October 31st. But only if an initial proposal is submitted by September 30th.

If you have any questions about this process, or would like assistance in drafting a proposal, please send an email to The service website also has proposal guidelines and the original email that was sent to groups here,

Yours in Service,
The 2021 Ballot Preparation Committee