The ABC agenda has time slots scheduled for reviewing the proposals that were passed by the groups.

Time sensitive motions will be presented to the delegates to be reviewed as well. We are bound by the time schedule of the facility that we are holding the ABC in.

Please note that you must be a registered delegate (in Person or Remote) to submit a floor motion to be reviewed at the 2019 ABC.

Please do your best to submit floor motions by 12:00 noon (Sweden local time) on Friday April 26th.

Floor Motion

  • WSO Assigns numbers to Meetings, Intergroups, and regions. You can find your number on the website. Example, FL0253, or IG287.
  • State your motion. successful motions tend to be short, clear and concise. Such as, We Propose that ... The ACA Bill of Rights become official ACA Literature.
  • Please include why you think this motion is a good idea.