Outreach Report for August 2012

The total amount of outreach emails is about 205 with 58 of them going to Karen to find meetings for them.  I say about, because while we were on vacation I answered some email, but was not very accurate in keeping track of the amount.  I have been sending a few of the emails to Anja who is working to contact people in Europe and beyond.  I heard from one meeting in Russia who needed some help.  I looked up meetings in Russia on the web and was surprised to find so many of them.

We have had a request for permission to use our ACA 12 steps in a book.  I also learned that ACA followed by DF probably means Dysfunctional Family because it was so listed on a meeting.  It is interesting to be able to figure out some of the initials that pop up now and then.  I also have gotten email from a small town in Russia and another small town in India who want to register meetings.  I love when that happens.

Phyllis R.