Monthly Teleconference

Saturday, November 10, 2012

11:00 PST

Access number: 712-432-0075, Pin 427266#. Press *6 to mute or un-mute. Please notify the secretary with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.


  1. A.Call to Order:

Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear. When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.


  1. Open with The Serenity Prayer
  2. Tradition 11:

Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, T.V. and films.

  1. Roll Call:
    1. Board Members Present:
    2. Establish Quorum
    3. Introduce Committee Chairpersons
    4. Introduction of Guests: Welcome guests. After the introductions, we respectfully ask that guests hold their comments until the end of our meeting. To allow all of the visitors to have a chance to share, we will limit guest comments to 3 to 5 minutes. If someone needs to talk further, they may do so after the close of the meeting. Only board members may talk while we have discussions.
  2. Minutes: Motion to approve the October 13, 2012 Teleconference Minutes. (Joan)
  3. Monthly Reports (5 minutes each item)
    1.  ACA WSO Treasurer, Phyllis R.
    2. ACA WSO Literature Committee, Larry A.
    3. ACA WSO Office Report, DiAnne A.
    4. ACA WSO Outreach Committee, Phyllis R.
    5. Website/Database Report, Scott R.
    6. Hospitals & Institutions Committee, Joan B.
    7. European Activity Report, Anja H.
    8. Executive Committee Report
    9. 2013 ABC Report, Jesper
  4. Old business:
    1. 1.Establish monetary level at which we will accept gifts and or cash contributions.  
  5. New Business:

Motion #1: That the Board approve a discount of 10% for foreign language reorders.


Background: We never finalized our foreign language reorder discount.  We had considered discounts of 10-25% for 2+ pallet orders.  Our fiscal picture has been bleak as of late and we need to exercise prudence to ensure the financial stability and longevity of the ACA WSO operations. The Finnish Intergroup request was for a price that equals, all totaled, a 10% discount.  

Motion #2: That the Board approve the maximum contribution by an individual must be less than $7,500. 

Background:  From this summer, we never got back to the limit we would set for member’s contributions.  I think we briefly talked about $5,000 – $10,000 limit.  


The current limit is $2,500 (OPPM page 10) and was probably put in place 30 odd years ago.  AA’s limits is $3,000.  Of course they are much bigger and have income that drawfs ours.


Motion #3 :  To transfer some or all of the $2000 that we have saved to date for auditing, into our checking account to cover the expense of an additional workman’s comp insurance payment? (Phyllis)


Background: This past month we had to pay $9,838 to cover the workman’s comp insurance  This expense was caused by an ‘audit’ from the state because we had more payroll expenses than they estimated that we would have.   By the way, Patricia estimates that this same thing will be happening next year provided we don’t cut back and have less payroll.  Of course, we can always start to save for that, if the board so decides.     

Pro – we have been saving this money for an audit and this was so named by the state.

Con – We really have saved this money to do a professional audit for our banking procedures.



Motion #4: Nominate Mary Jo from IL to be a Board member.


 Background: Mary Jo has been on the monthly teleconference calls for a year, has been a member for 25 years, has worked the Steps with a fellow traveler, is familiar with the Traditions and concepts.  She has held every position at the group level and was an Intergroup Rep in the late 80’s and 90’s in Chicago. She is the current Chair of the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup, is currently acting as the Meditation Book Trusted Servant, and has demonstrated excellent project management skills.



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Close with the Serenity Prayer



Submitted by Joan B., ACA WSO Secretary