Monthly Teleconference

Saturday, September 14, 2013

2:00 p.m. EST

Access number: 712.432.0075, Pin 427266#        Press *6 to mute or un-mute. Please notify the secretary with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.

A. Call to Order: Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear. When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.

           1) Open with the Serenity Prayer

           2) Concept 9: Good service leaders, together with sound and appropriate methods of choosing them, are at all levels, indispensable for our future functioning and safety. The primary world service leadership must necessarily be assumed by the Trustees of the Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization.

B. Roll Call:

           1) Board Members Present:

           2) Establish Quorum

           3) Introduce Committee Chairpersons

           4) Welcome guests; After the introductions, we respectfully ask that guests hold their comments until the end of our meeting. At that time, to allow all of the visitors to have a chance to share, we will limit guest comments to 3-5 minutes. If someone needs to talk further, they may do so after the close of the meeting. Only board members may talk while we have discussions.

Introduction of Guests:

C. Minutes: Motion to approve the August 10, 2013 Teleconference Minutes (Karen)

D. Monthly Reports (5 minutes each)

           1.  Treasurer, MaryJo

           2.  Literature Committee, Larry A

           3Office Report, DiAnne A

           4. Outreach Committee, Vonnie G

           5. ACA Website/Database Committee, Scott R

           6. Hospitals & Institutions Committee, Joan B

           7. European Committee, Majbrit

           8. Social Media Committee (Martin)

           9. 2014 ABC

           10. Executive Committee (Larry A)            

E. Old Business:

           1. That we subsidize costs of UPS drop shipments to other countries. (tabled from May 2013 Agenda or moved to following month’s working session meeting)

           Background: UPS told us of the possibility of using them to send drop shipments abroad. Currently only the Finns and Danes seem to be in a position to receive drop shipments.

             2. To create a budget and also establish an annual budget review process for when year-end numbers become available. (Original issue from May 2013); item tabled until September as progress continues. –MaryJo)

F. New Business:    

Motion #1: That the Board validate for record, the sending of a cease and desist letter to persons who have sent advertisements and/or solicitations for the purpose of selling outside literature to our public points of contact. (Karen)

Background: ACA WSO’s meeting points of contact information is only to be used to get information concerning meetings and this commercial use is unacceptable.   

Motion #2:  That the Board validate for record, the Board’s specific concurrence to lower the price of the “Cross Talk” and “Good Enough” booklets from $4 to $3.50 (Larry)

Background:  The cost of production was less than what was considered at the time the price point was set at $4, and justifies the reduction in price.

Motion #3: That the Board validate for record, the Board’s specific concurrence to include the “Cross Talk” and “Good Enough” booklets in the Literature Set and raise the price of the Literature Set from $6 to $12, and to add them to the New Meeting Packet and raise the price from $15 to $21. (Larry)

Background:  The cost of adding the two items to the existing literature set would raise the price to $13.  The Board decided to price the Literature Set at $12 to incentivize the purchase of the complete set.  The cost of adding the two items to the existing New Meeting Packet would raise the price to $22.  The Board decided to price the New Meeting Packet at $21 to incentivize the purchase of the New Meeting Packet.

Motion #4: That the Board validate for record the Board’s specific concurrence to change the price of the Meeting Starter Kit from $35 to $41 (Larry)

Background:  The cost of adding the two new booklets (each priced at $3.50) to the existing Meeting Starter Kit would raise the price from $35 to $42.  The Board decided to price the Meeting Starter Kit at $41 to incentivize the purchase of the Meeting Starter Kit.

Motion #5: That the Board validate for record the Board’s specific concurrence for an adjusted increase to cover costs for the two banners we need for the “Addiction and it’s Effects on the Family” conference held in San Juan, September 5th and 6th, 2013. (Leanne)

Background: Originally the motion asked for $75 for the display. The vertical banners will cost $33.74 each and the stands are $34.99 each plus shipping and processing fee of $29.13; the total is $166.60. (We did receive a 33% discount). It was decided to have more professionally done vertical banners on stands in Spanish and English.  These banners can be rolled up and the stands are collapsible for ease of shipping or traveling and can therefore be used at future conferences.

Motion #6:  That the Board approve changing the date for sending out the Ballot Request form, the cover letter explaining the balloting process, and the 2014 ABC meeting registration form by October 21, 2013.  (Joan)

 Background:  The current policy was set at a time when there were fewer meetings to contact and tabulate.  Current requirement is that the request for ballot items be sent to groups in November/December with return deadline December 3rd.  The items are then analyzed and returned to groups for discussion and voting by January 7th.  The deadline for returning the ballots with votes selecting items for discussion at the ABC is April 15th. The ballots are then tabulated and prepared for presentation at the ABC.  This motion hopes to insure reasonable opportunity to gather GCS (Group Conscience Surveys) and prepare them for item proposals at the 2014 ABC with more time for each part of the process.

Motion #7:  To authorize engagement of a California attorney who works with non-profits to help us ensure that our proposed Employee Manual and other documents are appropriately written. The cost is not to exceed $1,200 without a further motion. (MaryJo)

Background In an effort for WSO to be audit ready, a number of initiatives are underway, including the preparation of an Employee Manual.  To be certain that this manual is written correctly and will not have to be redone, it’s appropriate to engage someone who specializes in California law to guide us in our preparations.

Motion #8:  The Board validates the Specific Concurrence to assign the additional responsibilities of staffing ABC, the Web, Outreach and conducting research projects as assigned with additional time being between 6 and 8 hours a week, depending if there is a research project to the Staff person who updates the meeting list and receives correspondence and deposits 7th Tradition donations. (Larry)

Background: The Board has the responsibility of conducting the Annual Business Conference, maintaining the ACA website, doing Outreach to spread the ACA message and various research projects to help improve the efficiency.  By having the Board staffed, the Board can better attend to it responsibilities by having a staff person who will be overseen by and report to the Board. 


Guest Comments:

Announcements: The next ACA WSO Teleconference is scheduled for October 12, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. EST


Close with the Serenity Prayer

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Ragan, ACA WSO Secretary