ACA WSO Web/database Report for the January 2013 Teleconference.

The web site activity continues to grow. In November, we averaged 1395 unique visitors per day, a 14% increase over last month. Due to changes with our hosting service statistics programs, the unique visitor counts for December are currently not available.

The number of registered meetings on the meeting list remains about the same as last month (up 1127 from 1122 last month). This number includes 8 new meetings being registered, plus another 68 meeting updates being processed during December.

I continue to update the layout of the “Repository”. I am slowly moving the critical information currently on the forum to the Repository, and working with the WSO Board and Committee chairs in putting their Teleconference reports into the Repository.

I continue to work with the ABC Committee to keep the web site’s ABC page current with the latest information. By the closing date (Dec 31), we received sixteen proposals for possible consideration at the ABC. At this time, I’m not aware of any proposals being received by paper (snail-mail). I have drafted up a document to announce the proposals, and I am developing the online ballot for receiving the ballot entries from the meetings. I plan to have the package ready to send out to the meeting and Intergroup reps within the next few weeks, as well as having the needed forms on the web site for processing the ballot entries.

Kelso continues with the development for the “back-end” of the meeting update software. This will ultimately replace the current online meeting and Inter Group registration forms as well as the MS Access database held at the office. This will greatly simplify the meeting update process and should integrate well with the ”front-end” web meeting list once that is transferred from to

Based on board approval, I have completed the Non-Disclosure Agreement proposed by David and have sent him a copy. I’ve planned to work with David in moving the software to our host web site and the domain, however in view of my current work schedule, that task has been further delayed, though I still hope to get this done by the end of January.

I continue to work with the staff to get computers networked, and the UPS and T-HUB processes implemented, along with discussing other ideas for ways to improve the office efficiency. I am also monitoring and following up with various processing issues as they occur between the Shopping Cart, the Merchant Account and Pay Pal.

Scott R.

ACA WSO Webmaster