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Reports (click to view):
1) February “Total Sales and Units Per Product”.
2) Comparisons for “Total Sales/Units per Product” from the past seven months, June 2012 through Jan 2013.
3) Office Call Volume Log (including incoming Outreach, Meeting Inquiry & Order Inquiry calls etc..

Sales: Proportionately, sales were down in February from January. Total average Fellowship Text sales per day in January were 33.484 (31-day month) and for February were 31.464 (28-day month); total units for these two months were 1038 & 881, respectively.

Other critical business:

Continued UPS WorldShip pricing roll-out into Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart-

We continue to experience a delay in utilizing our additional shipping discounts via UPS on the Customer Side of Quick Shopping Cart as Go Daddy has not yet made the UPS discounted pricing module available through their platform. As such, Fellowship members are not able to view or select more deeply discounted shipping options through Shopping Cart. UPS made the pricing module available to Go Daddy in late January, & Scott continues to work with Go Daddy to determine an effective date for this addition. The impact to Office Staff includes increased call and email volumes and order processing inefficiency related to price update delays.  

Follow-up Items from February TeleConference: “Old Business” Item #3 (Motion to increase Trifold brochure prices from .20 to .25) includes, 1) “Margin/Gross Margin %” Report info from our Accountant showing each title in the “Trifold brochure” category is a negative-margin inventory item; 2) on the procurement/Literature replenishment side, Office Staff identified two potential alternate sources online for paper Literature printing as well as one local source who supplying a bid to compete with our current discounted printing program through our Staples account representative. This information will be provided in an addendum to this report, sent separately. Additionally, our local account rep with Staples has stated that Staples will meet any competitor’s bid which is provided in writing or through presentation of a receipt or invoice. The advantages of utilizing Staples for our paper Literature printing – if indeed at a savings which will match any competitor’s rate – are, 1) dollars spent accumulate towards a Rewards program which gives us monthly discounts to apply toward purchases, 2) additional discounts and % off coupons we receive can be stacked with other rewards &/or discounts.        


Bang Printing1) A Workbook replenishment order is in-process; 2) also in-process is our first multiple-case/less-than-pallet order for an Intergroup in Europe- this order is to ship from Bang to the U.K. by mid-week.

Inventory– We took a Full Physical on Friday March 1st for February close-of-business; results were sent to Patricia and the Executive Committee.

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