Outreach report March 2013

The following is from an email to outreach.  I can’t resist sharing it word for word.

I LOVE ACA! It is changing lives EVERY day! 
I started going to ACoA in 1988. And I’m more involved than ever!

I see so many lives change because of this program. Such a blessing!   From Ron

I needed help to look at the internet meetings to see if they are OK or perhaps not ok for our fellowship.  Vonnie says that she found some that may not be in our best interests.  She also reported a few days ago, that she’d been able to contact all but two. 

I’ve received several requests for the workbook to be put into an e-reader so I’m wondering if the Board is at all interested or should I just let people know we aren’t ready to do tackle that project at this time?

People on occasion ask for ‘speakers’ for workshops or to come to their meetings.  Do we have any ideas of having a listing, or is this not possible???

This month, I’ve heard from Hungary, Africa, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Reykjavik, Iceland, Cape Town, Africa and Lisbon Portugal.  Just another happy proof that we are international!

On Mon March 4, I received an email from Guatemala.  They have their own web site and are having an event.  I emailed back asking them if they want it listed on the event site.  I mention all this because I had to translate all this from Spanish using the Google Translator.  Wish I could have that translator with me when we are in Denmark and when Scott and I go to Germany.

I’ve asked the office to email me when there are outreach responses that I am better able to answer for them.  It will make their time better spent for me to answer.  When I do reply to an email, I send them a BCC so that they know that I’ve responded and what my answer is.  For instance, I responded to one yesterday that was taking too much of their time so if the Outreach committee can take a load off of them, we are happy to do so.   Here’s another contact via the office regarding getting our text book in France.  A person who owns an English Book store contacted the office about obtaining our text for customers.  The store is in Valbonne which is a little ways inland from Cannes.  I suggested the e-reader.  However, she is going to look up our shopping cart.  She wrote right back – I just love the internet!