Outreach Report for Dec and Jan     FEB 2013

Today, I’ve bundled my last two months reports together for Outreach.

The amount of outreach emails were approximately 220.  The amount of outreach emails for Jan was approximately 208.  I say approximately since some of them were adds sent into the info address which somehow is seen by organizations that ‘think’ we could use their services.  I’ve been deleting most of them before I add up my totals, but some sneak into my count any way. 

For the last few weeks, I’ve been sending copies of my emails to Karen and Vonnie in an effort to let them know how I answer certain questions.  Karen and Vonnie are most gracious in their replies to people seeking meetings and how to start meetings.  However, I am feeling the need to let them know ways to answer other questions that the WSO receives.  Not that I am the only one or the perfect person to answer the variety of requests we get.  Many times, I seek counsel from Scott who also has helped me to respond to those people seeking sincere responses.  I am most grateful for the help these three board members give in support of the outreach.

Phyllis R.

Outreach Chair for WSO