The number of registered meetings continues to grow, now up to 1182 meetings. This includes 9 new meetings being registered in May, plus another 58 meeting updates being processed. Once again, Gloria has been busy processing all these entries.

This month I received a couple feedbacks asking why their meeting was delisted from the meeting list. Upon review, I verified that these meetings were delisted after confirming that we no longer held any valid points of contact for the meeting (all known email addresses being found invalid during ABC mailings). In my reply to the inquirers, I reiterated the need for annual registration updates as well as updates when any of the meeting information changes (including any Private Point of Contact email changes).

Since the close of the ABC, I have been busy redoing the email relays to reflect the new board member roster, as well as providing documentation to the board members regarding the mailboxes and relay accounts. I’ve also been updating the Repository accounts to allow the new board members to update their areas of the Repository, as well as providing tech assist where needed helping the new board members to do so. All in all, it’s taken a considerable amount of time, but worth it.

Since the close of the ABC, I’ve also been in contact with ACA members offering to help out in the design of a new web site, to include a new meeting list that should be easier to both navigate and update. I thank Leanne, Kelso, Robin, Denis, Collen and Chris for offering to help. Robin is developing a document to identify the scope of the project; Kelso and Chris will be working toward on the new meeting list program; others will be working on content and graphics. I’m currently working on an overall design proposal for the new web site. Much is happening, and meanwhile I continue to keep the current web site running.

We had new events added to the web Events page; we’re receiving notices of ACA events on a more frequent basis. I should add that all ACA events to be listed must be hosted by ACA groups; per WSO policy, we cannot list events that are hosted by other groups or activities.

As mentioned last month, David and I have replicated the meeting list to the domain with the intent of moving that part of the web site from his web server onto our hosting server. However, there remain email related issues to be resolved in this migration effort, which are pending finding the time to resolve them. Meanwhile David has patiently allowed us to continue hosting the meeting list on his server. Thank you David.

I continue to work with GoDaddy in getting the UPS “Sure Post” module installed in the Shopping Cart, though thus far I have been unable to get a firm date from GoDaddy on when this might happen. I continue in my pestering efforts to get GoDaddy to set a planned installation date for this module. While the effort would be large to move the web account (and shopping cart) off the GoDaddy site, I have made initial contact with some other shopping cart hosting companies that have expressed their willingness to consider this UPS module.
Speaking of the shopping cart, we have encountered a couple instances where the payment records from the shopping cart to Pay Pal were found incomplete. These have been manually resolved; though I’ll be continuing to work with our Accountant to identify and resolve any further such instances (we periodically had also experienced similar type failures when the shopping cart was processing credit cards thru the Intuit Merchant Account).

As time allows, I also continue to update the layout of the “Repository”, including adding new areas (still under development) for the ABC2013 reports as well as planning reports for the upcoming 2014ABC.

And then there’s the old Forum. I realized I hadn’t updated that software in quite a while. So it’s now operating using the vendor’s latest software version. I also updated the forum access rights to allow inquirers without a forum account to still be able to access the old forms and ComLines on the forum.

As I stepped down as a WSO Board member, I was hoping to see a reduction in my workload in support of the WSO. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still hopeful.

Scott R.
ACA WSO Webmaster