Welcome to the May, 2013, Treasurer’s Report. Let me start by saying that I am honored to serve as the newly appointed Treasurer for ACA WSO.

  • The 7th tradition donations this month were $1,215.76, which is down considerably from previous months.
  • Our Balance Sheet now shows that we are appropriately earmarking funds for specific expected expenditures.
  • The Income and Expenses are reflected in the May P&L Statement and visually in these piecharts. The result is that our net income for May was $-667.22. This was partially due to some of the expenses for the 2013 ABC (Annual Business Conference) in Denmark. Our cost for the facility, food, and photocopying, etc., was $3,801.98 + bank transfer fees ($5,810.20 was billed, but was offset by just over $2,000 in donations from attendees.)

A Treasury Committee been formed that has a number of projects that will be discussed in the coming months. Other members are Allen C., Trustee, and Martin C., from the U.K. Allen and I now have access to QuickBooks so that we are able to get a more long range picture (past and present) of our finances in order to be better prepared for the future.

Mary Jo L.